Dr Oz Argireline For Crows Feet, Wrinkles Treatment, Botox Alternative

February 3, 2012

Dr. Oz Argireline For Crows Feet, Wrinkles Treatment

When you look in the mirror do you think that you appear older than what you actually are?  Are you noticing those dreaded crows feet more and more as time goes by?  Today (February 3, 2012) Dr. Oz did a segment featuring 4 treatments to look 10 years younger!  These are botox alternatives that don’t include any needles.

Argireline Crows Feet Treatment

Dr. Oz Argireline Crows Feet, Wrinkles

Dr. Oz Argireline For Crows Feet

Dr. Oz said that the most common complaint that he typically hears is that people feel they look older than what they are and want to look younger.

When someone asks you how old they look, it’s always a tough question to answer right? You would feel horrible if you stated an age older than what they actually are! Today Dr. Oz challenged his viewers by taking a poll asking them how old they think that she is.  The woman’s name was Diana and her image was plastered everywhere you can imagine.  Even the giant Jumbotron in New York City!

The finally tally of age “guestimates” of Diana was 53 years old. Diana is only 44.  She told Dr. Oz that she thinks her eyes are what makes her look old.  She said that she couldn’t afford a facelift and had to just come to terms that she looks much older than she actually is.  Dr. Oz said that there are affordable treatments that she can do to help her look younger.

Argireline Cream (Botox Alternative)

Argireline is a cream that works just like botox!  It uses no needles and has no injections.  You can buy Argireline Online as well as some beauty shops.  Dr. Oz said to read the Argireline Cream ingredients and make sure that it says 5%-10% concentration.  Apply the cream to your crows feet and wrinkled areas 2 x’s per day.

Parsley Tea For Eye Bags

Parsley tea is loaded with antioxidants.  Dr. Oz recommends brewing the tea and then pouring it into ice cube trays.  Freeze the tea and then apply the cubes under the eyes to reduce eye bags.

Retinoid Cream For Saggy Necks

Retinoid creams help stimulate collagen growth in the skin.  Dr. Oz recommends using retinoid cream 1 time per week on the face and neck.

Tomato Exfoliating Mask For Dull Skin

Is dull skin a problem for you?  Try using a tomato exfoliating mask.  All you need is :

  • 1 tomato
  • 2 teaspoons of sea salt
  • 1/2 teaspoons of raw honey

Make a paste out of the ingredients listed above.  Apply the mask on to your face for 5 minutes.  The salt has the rough texture that helps exfoliation. The tomato has the acidic element that exfoliation masks have. Must less expensive, very effective, and all natural ingredients.

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