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October 5, 2011

Skin Ceutical Retinol Cream, Vampire Fact Lift, Miracle Worker, Clear + Brilliant Laser Treatment

Dr. Oz talks about ways that you can make your skin look younger. One of the ways is by using Retinol  Creams.  Dr. Oz had on a beauty expert who says that retinol is the best way to reduce your wrinkles. However, make sure that you buy it in stable packaging rather than in jar packaging.  She said that jars don’t keep the plant extracts and anti-oxidants stable.  Purchase Skin Ceutical Retinol Cream in a pump bottle.

Vampire Face Lift

A new way that they reduce the appearance of wrinkles is by using a method called the “Vampire Face Lift.”  It is called a Vampire Face Lift because a doctor takes blood from your body and they take out the plasma and platelets.  The plasma is then injected into your wrinkles and they are immediately filled out.  Over the next 4-6 weeks growth factors in the plasma allow new skin to grow for reduced wrinkles and a younger appearance!!

Miracle Worker Dark Age Spot Corrector

To help battle age spots (due to sun exposure) Miracle Worker contains niacinamide and vitamin C. This combination has been researched and been shown to be competitive to prescription age spot medications. Buy Philosophy Miracle Worker Dark Age Spot Corrector.

Dr. Oz Miracle Age Spot Corrector

Dr. Oz Miracle Age Spot Corrector

Clear + Brilliant Laser Age Spot Reducer

An audience participant came on stage to test out this new revolutionary product to treat age spots.  She is just beginning to notice fine lines and aging in her skin.  The laser delivers little zones of energy on to the skin.

The benefits begin after the very first treatment and build after each treatment thereafter.  The results last for months and only maintenance treatments will be needed to maintain your young looking skin. The treatment costs between $250-$500 per session.

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