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Dr Oz, White Mulberry Tea & Dried Mulberries Benefits, Sugar Blocker

September 30, 2013

Dr. Oz Talks About The Benefits Of White Mulberry Tea and Dried Mulberries

white mulberry blocks sugar

White Mulberry Tea Helps To Block Sugar Absorption

Have you ever heard of white mulberry?  Today Dr. Oz spent a portion of the show talking about the health benefits of consuming white mulberry and how it acts as a sugar blocker and can inhibit the absorption of sugar into your bloodstream.  White mulberry tea & dried mulberries can lower your risk of diabetes and may even help to promote weight loss.

What Does White Mulberry Taste Like?

Dr. Oz likened the taste of White Mulberry to figs.  One of the guests on his show said that they taste kind of like nutty raisins.

White Mulberry Blocks Sugar

One of the biggest benefits that Dr. Oz likes about White Mulberry is it’s ability to act as a sugar blocker.  When you eat foods high in sugar it goes to the liver to be be absorbed.  Much of it is turned into fat around the belly and thighs.  The Pancreas also has to work extra hard to make more insulin.  This puts a lot of strain on the pancreas and can increase your risk of developing diabetes.  White mulberry can be beneficial for those who are pre-diabetic as well as for those who already have diabetes.  Weight loss benefits may be experienced as well.

Dr. Oz said that he “Loves when foods can cure us.”  Medications that mostly treat the symptoms of diseases do not have the ability to do this.

Do you like like “sweet” fruits like pineapple, mango, raisins, dates, or cranberries?  If so, you may want to swap them out with white mulberry.  Dr. Oz said that this super fruit is high in protein (4 grams) and dried mulberries are low in sugar (18 grams per serving).  He also said that this sugar blocking fruit also has 1/4 the amount of fiber you need each day in each serving!  If you find yourself wanting to snack on sweets, white mulberries could prove to be an excellent replacement.

Where Can You Buy This Sugar Blocking Fruit?

Dr. Oz said that you can buy dried mulberries and mulberry tea for approximately 5 dollars at many health food stores. Dr. Oz said that drinking the tea would be an excellent choice when you are going to eat foods that are high in sugar.  The tea will help to block some of the sugar absorption into your bloodstream.

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