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Dr. Oz, Deepak Chopra Tips To Boost Energy, Metabolism

September 21, 2011

Deepak Chopra’s Three Tips To Boost Energy and Metabolism During The Day

Dr. Oz had on guest health guru Deepak Chopra to give views tips on ways that you can boost your energy and metabolism throughout the day. Also read Andrew Weil’s Stress Reducing Tips from today’s Dr. Oz Show

Morning Tips To Boost Your Energy In The

Glass Of Warm Water – Drinking warm water first thing in the morning stimulates something called that Gastro Colix Reflex.

Sesame Oil – In the morning rub some sesame oil on your hands, your forehead, and your earlobes.  Chopra said that it calms the nervous system while at the same time invigorating the nervous system.

Afternoon Tips To Boost Your Energy

Deepak Chopra Boost Your Energy Tips

Deepak Chopra's Boost Your Energy Tips

Eat Your Main Dinner Meal At Lunch – Dr. Chopra gave the tip of eating your biggest meal at lunchtime. He said doing so at lunchtime will make sure your meal is digested properly. He said that your enzymes are much more active during that day than at night and you will have all afternoon to metabolize your food.

Ginseng Tea – Ginseng is a mild stimulant so it increases your metabolism as well as give you that much needed energy boost during the afternoons.

Evening Tips To Boost Your Energy Levels

Lemon Juice, Ginger Rood Juice, and Honey Cocktail – During the evening hours your metabolism starts to slow down (which is good because you want a good nights sleep). Dr. Chopra makes a cocktail of Lemon Juice, Ginger Root Juice, and Honey.  He says that it will raise your metabolism slightly to give you some energy but not too much so you can’t sleep at night.

Valerian Root – Valerian is a natural herbal sleep inducer.  He said that the more natural your sleep is, the deeper your sleep is. If you have a long deep sleep you will have much more energy the next day.