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Dr Oz Diet Myths – Skipping Breakfast, Coffee Or Water Help You Lose Weight,

November 7, 2012

Diet Myths on Dr. Oz – Does Skipping Breakfast, Drinking Coffee Or Water Help With Weight Loss?

Today, Dr. Oz talks about 5 diet myths that you just may have assumed to be true.  To discuss these “diet myths” Dr. Oz invited “Science Bob” on to the show to talk about this topic. I must admit, I have always believed in some of the “myths” that Dr. Oz talked about on today’s November 11, 2012 episode.  Also be sure to to check out more Dr. Oz diet myths like, “Does Eating Fat Make You Fat?

Does Drinking Coffee Or Water Help You Lose Weight

drinking coffee help you lose weight, dr. oz

Does Drinking Coffee Or Water Help You Lose Weight? Diet Myths on Dr. Oz Show

You gotta love “Science Bob”.  He explains everything in a way that people far removed from the science field can understand. Science Bob said that 60 percent of our body and 70 percent of our brain consists of water.   He explained that the cells in our body needs water to function.  However, if you are drinking enough water and your fully hydrated, drinking extra water (or coffee) doesn’t actually help you lose weight.  He said that excess water will simply be excreted in your urine.

However, coffee is a stimulant and it can give you energy.. The extra energy that you have could get you up and moving which will burn more calories.  If you use sugar and cream in your coffee the extra calories that you consume will likely offset the extra calorie burn.  Dr. Oz said that drinking coffee does offer many health benefits, but it’s a myth to say that drinking coffee will help you lose weight.

Does Skipping Breakfast Cause You To Eat More Calories?

Does skipping breakfast blow your diet and cause you to eat more calories?  Dr. Oz says that you likely won’t consume less calories if you wait until your hungry till you eat. He said that you may even eat more calories if you wait until you hungry.  Dr. Oz and Science Bob did a demonstration on stage using liquid nitrogen to explain this in an entertaining way.  Dr. Oz the mentioned a study that showed skipping breakfast actually caused people to eat more calories throughout the day.  So, bottom line is eating several times throughout the day (including breakfast) will help you from overeating and consuming more calories than what you would like.