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Dr. Oz, Yellow Mustard Back Spasm Relief, Emu Oil, White Willow Bark

February 8, 2014

Dr. Oz Talks About Natural Back Pain Remedies – Yellow Mustard, Emu Oil, and White Willow Bark

Has back pain been putting you down for the count and making your life unmanageable?  If so, you surely are not alone.  Back pain affects millions and the pain can grow so intense that you don’t (or can’t) even roll out of bed in the morning.  Dr. Oz spoke about 3 all natural back pain remedies that you probably never thought could actually be a remedy for back pain.  During this segment Dr. Oz spoke about yellow mustard (for back spasms), Emu Oil (strained muscles), and White Willow Bark (slipped discs).

Yellow Mustard Instantly Relieves Back Spasms

Dr. Oz said that yellow mustard, as shocking as it sounds can relieve back spasms almost instantly!  Dr. Oz said that professional athletes swear by this method and even medical professionals acknowledge it’s efficacy.  Eat 1 tablespoon of yellow mustard to benefit from back spasm relief.

White Willow Bark Pain Relief For A Slipped Disc

Anyone who has ever suffered from a slipped disc understands just how painful it can be.  The pain is caused from the slipped disc in the back is putting pressure on the nerves.  Peggy Brill said that White Willow Bark can alleviate much of this pain.  Peggy recommended taking White Willow Bark in tincture form.  She said to take 4-6 ML of White Willow Bark Tincture three times a day to experience relief.

Emu Oil Is Beneficial For Strained Muscles

Muscle strains are quite common and they can be quite painful as well.  People get muscle tears when they over-exerting their muscle’s capacity.  Peggy Brill explained that rubbing Emu Oil on the muscle strain can provide relief from much of the pain.  Not to mention Emu Oil has many other benefits that it is useful as well.