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Dr Oz, Sunburns and Tans, Lemon Grass Mosquito Remedy

May 8, 2012

Dr Oz Health “Myth Busters” Episode

Today Dr Oz talked about commonly health and diet myths that many people believe.  Also check out the shocking health confessions segment.  Many of the myths I totally believed and was actually quite surprised that some were beliefs that I’ve held all my life.  During this segment Dr Oz covers the myths : Do sunburns turn into tans? Are ulcers caused by spicy foods? What are mosquito’s attracted to?  Read to learn about a few myths that just may surprise you.

Sunburns and Tans

Have you always thought that after you get a sunburn it would turn into a tan?  I’ve always thought this to be true, but I was wrong!  Dr Oz says that this is a myth.

Dr Oz said that when you get a tan the UV radiation penetrates into the skin and melanin comes to the surface to the skin and that’s how you get the tan color.  When you get a sunburn you are actually damaging the tissue.  Sunburns can affect how you age and the damage from sunburns is irreversible.  I really wish I knew this when I was a kid getting burnt all summer long!  Would I have listened? Probably not, but still it would have been good information to have.

FDA recommends a SPF 30 sunscreen to protect your skin from both UVA and UVB radiation.

What Are Mosquitoes Attracted To? Blood? Sweat?

Dr Oz Health Myths, Mosquitos Remedy

Dr Oz Health Myths, Lemongrass Mosquito Remedy

I’ve always wondered about this because it seems as if mosquito’s have a vendetta towards me!  It seems as if they will attack me before those around me.  Especially my ankles!  What are the mosquito’s actually attracted to? Sweat? The sweet smell of my blood? What?

Dr Oz says that mosquito’s can track you down from as far as 160 feet away! After a mosquito stings you your body has a reaction to the mosquito’s saliva.  This causes the itching and swelling from the bite.  So, what are mosquitos attracted to then?

  • Body odor
  • Dark colors
  • Your breath

Mosquito’s are attracted to carbon dioxide.  When we exhale we are attracting mosquito’s.  So why are my ankles a mosquito’s favorite favorite target zone? Never got the answer to this question.  Looks like I will have to do a little research later.  However, Dr Oz did offer a natural mosquito repellent.  Here is the lemongrass oil remedy he mentioned :

Lemongrass Oil Mosquito Remedy

Many (all natural) bug repellents have lemon grass oil as one of it’s ingredients.  You can actually make your own repellent and it’s easy!  Dr Oz suggests adding several drops of lemon grass oil to your sunscreen.  What a great idea!  You will not only repel the blood sucking mosquito’s you will also be protecting yourself against the sun’s harmful rays.

Do Spicy Foods Cause Ulcers?

Dr Oz says that it’s a myth that spicy foods cause ulcers.  I am so thankful for this because I love spicy foods!  Peppers, hot sauce, etc… can’t get enough!

Dr Oz says that spicy foods actually help ulcers to heal! Spicy foods can cause inflammation but this is actually helping the ulcer to heal.  It’s a “good burn”.  Do they help prevent ulcers? Not sure about this, but now I’m going to have to research this too!  Thank you Dr Oz for at least assuring me that the spicy foods I eat aren’t increasing my risk of getting ulcers. I have often wondered about this.