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May 25, 2012

Dr Oz Favorite Supplement Hour Special

Dr Oz featured his favorite supplements today on his show.  Him and his staff reviewed past episodes and came of with their favorite supplement for burning fat that have been proven to be effective.  During this segment Dr Oz talks about Forskolin, and Relora as ways that you can burn fat and lower your cortisol levels.  Cortisol is the “stress hormone” which will help reduce fat around your midsection as well.  He also talks about 7 Keto and Caraway seeds as two effective fat burners to help you blast away that belly fat in no time!

Forskolin Fat Burner

Dr Oz, Forskolin and Relora Supplements Reduce Belly Fat

Reduce Your Belly Fat With Relora and Forskolin Supplements

Dr Oz invited a woman from the audience named Clarice.  Clarice would love to adios to her belly fat forever, but feels she needs some help to get her headed in the right direction.  Clarice was brave enough to allow Dr Oz to show an image of her belly on tv.  Clarice felt self conscious about her belly fat, but Dr Oz said that she should feel ashamed.   He said it is very common, especially after you hit your 30’s and 40s.  He said Forskolin may be the answer for her.

Forskolin is an ingredient that is found in the roots of plant in the mint family.  Forskolin was originally used to help people who had heart conditions.  They found out that a pleasant side effect of Forskolin is that it melts away fat!  Wow, a wonderful side effect?  That’s pretty unusual!  Take 125 milligrams in the morning after you wake up.

Relora Supplements Lower Cortisol Levels

Dr Oz invited another woman to the stage named Tammy.  They showed a picture of Tammy on the big video screen.  She said that after giving birth to her son she has gained a lot of weight, with most of that weight occurring in her midsection area.  She said that her hectic life with work, and raising her family has led to a lot of stress in her life.  Dr Oz said that #1 reason we gain weight is because of stress!  When you are all stressed out you release a stress hormone called cortisol.   High cortisol levels are associated with the accumulation of fat in the belly area.  Lower your cortisol levels and you flatten your belly!

Relora is an extract from a plant that can lower your cortisol and promote a feeling of relaxation and calmness.  Oh, I think I’m going to have to try this one!  Take this belly fat burning supplement 3 times a day (350 milligram pills).  This will lower your cortisol, reduce your stress and help you lose that gut that seemingly will be there forever!

Dr Oz said that while these belly fat supplements have been proven to be effective you should also be incorporating a healthy diet and exercise regime to really help you lose weight.