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Dr Oz Promescent Gel For Men


Dr Oz, Promescent Gel, Vibrating Panties Remote Control, Arousal Aids

April 25, 2012

Kickstart your Sex Life With Arousal Aids

If you are looking ways to jump start your sex life be sure to to check out the opening segment 50 Shades of Gray book review.  Dr Oz talks about why this book has sparked a sexual revolution.  During this episode Dr Oz talks with Laura Berman about some great ways to give your libido a boost and your sex life a new spark that may have diminished over the years.

Vibrating Panties With Remote Control

Dr Oz Sex Aids, Promescent Gel, Vibrating Panties

Dr Oz, Promescent Gel, Vibrating Panties

If this doesn’t add a little excitement and create a building arousal all throughout the evening, I don’t know what will!  These vibrating panties come with a remote control that will work up to 12 feet away.  Laura Berman said that these would be a great way to add some excitement to a boring cocktail partying (Um, yeah, I think it would).  By the time that you get home the woman should be more than willing to have a hot night in the bedroom (or anywhere else in the house if the kids aren’t home!).

Promescent Gel

After building up a woman’s arousal from the vibrating panties, the man has a big job that lies ahead for him.  To help him last longer in the bedroom Promescent Gel is a sexual aid that will help him do just that.  Promescent Gel is FDA approved for men who suffer from early ejaculation problems.  You apply the Promescent Gel to the underside of the penis 10-15 minutes before intercourse.  Laura said what makes Promescent Gel cool when compared to most of the other products is that this doesn’t just numb the skin so he (and she) isn’t feeling anything because of the numbness.  This goes beneath the surface of the skin to the sensory nerve.  The man’s penis still can feel intercourse but the man can last 2 to 5 times longer.

Dr Oz said that if you can improve your sex life you will burn more calories and lower your risk for heart attacks.