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Dr Oz, Gochujang Hot Sauce Increase Metabolism, Match Tea

May 14, 2012

Increase Your Metabolism Naturally To Slim Down

Dr Oz, Gochujang Hot Sauce, matcha tea, increase metabolism

Dr Oz : Gochujang Hot Sauce and Matcha Tea Increases Metabolism

Ready for summer?  If your like most of us you wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds (ok more for some) before it’s time to put on that swimsuit!  Today, Dr Oz talked about Aminophylline cellulite cream, slimdown recipes, and miracle swimsuits that can help you lose weight and make you look slimmer as well.  During this segment Dr Oz talks about how you can boost your metabolism naturally with Gochujang Hot Sauce, and Matcha Tea.

Increase Your Metabolism With Gochujang Hot Sauce

Dr Oz talked about a Korean hot sauce called Gochujang that helps to diminish your appetite as well as rev up your metabolism.  Gochujang hot sauce contains capsaicin which can increase your caloric burn.  Add it to your meals but be careful because it’s hot! Try 1 teaspoon on your chicken and/or vegetables to kick it up a notch and to increase your metabolism.

Why Does Your Metabolism Slow Down?

Dr Oz talks about metabolism boosters frequently, but why does it always needed to be boosted?  What actually makes your metabolism slow down?  Dr Oz pointed out several reasons that make your metabolism slow down.  They include :

  • Losing muscle
  • Belly fat
  • More body fat
  • Burning less calories

Matcha Tea To Boost Your Metabolism

Dr Oz has talked about Matcha Tea on previous episodes about it’s high antioxidant content and it’s ability to boost your metabolism.  Matcha tea is a kind of green tea.  To increase your metabolic rate drink 3 cups of Matcha tea per day.

Eat Papaya and Hardboiled Egg in Combination

Start your day off by eating 1/4 cup of papaya with 1 hardboiled egg.  The hardboiled egg is full of protein which will keep you feeling full.  The papaya has enzymes which will break down the proteins in the egg.

Exercise Increases Your Metabolism Too!

Exercise bands are a great way to rev up your metabolism and to work out your muscles.  Dr Oz talked about exercise bands on the show today.  To use, step on the strap in the middle of the band.  Raise the exercise bands out until you are at a 90 degree angle.  Hold for 10 seconds and repeat for 5 repetitions.