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Dr. Oz, Fertility Treatment, FSH Shot, IVF, Insemination Costs

January 27, 2012

Fertility Treatments – FSH Shot, IVF, Artificial Insemination Costs

Today’s (January 27, 2012) episode was all about getting pregnant

Dr. Oz fertility treatments, fsh shots, ivf, artificial insemination

Dr. Oz Fertility Treatments

after the age of 40 and When Are You Too Old To Have A Baby?  This particular segment is about fertility treatments like FSH shots, IVF, and Artificial Insemination to help increase your chances of getting pregnant (and the expensive costs that accompany these treatments).

To help him with this segment on late age motherhood, Dr. Oz talked to Sharyn who was a member of today’s audience.  Sharyn decided to go the career route during her younger years focusing on her career as a police officer.  By the time she felt that she was ready to start a family she was 44 years old. She said that two years ago she met a man with who she wanted to build a life and family with.  She did get pregnant but got the horrible news that her baby would have a terminal birth defect.  After much turmoil she decided to abort the baby.

Thoughts of having a baby consumed Sharyn.  She said that she thought about having a baby all day long from sun up to sun down.  She went to see a fertility specialist.  He gave her the news that she only would have a 5 percent chance of getting pregnant without fertility treatments.  So what Sharyn did was she took out a second mortgage on her house and paid the $50,000 dollars that it would take to undergo fertility treatments.

Types of Fertility Treatments

  • Tablet form
  • Injections to produce more eggs
  • Artificial insemination

Cost Of Fertility Treatements

FSH Shots

  • FSH shots cost $3000 (also requires several visits to your doctor)

Artificial Insemination

  • $500-$1000 per cycle


  • $15,000 per cycle

Egg Donation

  • 15 to 20 thousand dollars

Dr. Jennifer Lahl has concerns over risks involved with fertility treatments.  She said that the fertility drug, Clomid, has been associated with uterine cancer.  She also said that other drugs used by fertility clinics have also been linked to cancers.  Furthermore, the treatments are not a guarantee by any means.  She said that they don’t work 50% of the time.