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Dr Oz, FBCx Supplement Review, What Is It? Does It Burn Fat? Dosage

February 7, 2014

Dr. Oz Talks About FBCx Fiber Supplement and How It Can Help You To Remove Fat and Lose Weight

fbcx fiber supplements

FBCx Fiber Supplements that absorb fat and removes calories from your meals.

Today Dr. Oz talked about about a supplement that can help you to lose weight.  In recent months he has strayed from recommending supplements because unscrupulous online companies try to use his name to make more or to promote a competing brand and said that Dr. Oz endorsed the product.  First of all Dr. Oz doesn’t endorse ANY nutritional supplements.  He never has and never will.  He has said this repeatedly on his daily television show.  He doesn’t endorse any products because he feels that it would take away from his credibility.  The supplement that he spoke about today was called FBCx.  It is a fiber supplement that can remove 500 calories a day from your food by absorbing 9 times it’s weight.

Dr. Oz said that you should take FBCx before one of your three meals or especially if you are going to “cheat” on your diet and eat a high calorie meal.

So, What Is FBCx? Can FBCx Help Me To Lose Weight?

FBCx contains a fiber called Alphadextrin.  Each tablet (the supplement comes with 180 pills) absorbs up to 9 grams of saturated fat. Read the label for correct dosage.  It absorbs the fat of your meal and removes it from your body.  It also has the added benefit of reducing your cholesterol!