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Dr. Oz, Fiber Gourmet Pasta, Choffy, 4 Ways To Burn Fat Faster

September 19, 2011

Dr. Oz 4 Ways To Burn Fat Faster – Fiber Gourmet Pasta, Choffy, Lateral Bounding

Dr. Oz did a segment on today’s show (9-19-2011) about how to burn fat faster. He talked to leading experts in health, wellness, and weight loss for their opinions on the best ways to burn fat. he talked to Bob Harper,

#4 Lateral Bounding

Bob Harper is a great exercise that you can do to burn fat faster. Dr. Oz demonstrated the exercise by sliding from side to side like you are sking sideways. He says that this burns fat faster because you are working muscles that you don’t normally use as much. When you alternate the muscles that you use while you exercise forces your body to adapt. Alternating your muscles will retrain your body. You will more physically fit and you will burn fat faster!

#3 Choffy

Jim Karas told Dr. Oz that his favorite ways to burn fat is with Choffy. So what is Choffy? Choffy is 100& brewed cocoa beans. He said that it will give you an energy boost and take away your cravings for chocolate. Dr. Oz says that here is a natural stimulant in Choffy (not caffeine) that will boost your metabolism. It also has a natural fat blocker that blocks an enzyme that you need to absorb fat! So you will be absorbing less fat if you drink Choffy.

#2 Figure 8 Hip Sway

Circuling your hips in a figure 8 pattern helps to work your core and tone the underlying muscles.  When you have a strong core you burn fat faster.

#1 New Way To Burn Fat Faster – Fiber Gourmet Pasta

Dr. Oz had on a guest who has lost 222 pounds and her secret is pasta! Yes, pasta! Not just any past, but Fiber gourmet pasta.  There are only 130 calories per serving in Fiber Gourmet Pasta.  Plus there are 18 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein!  Read Fiber Gourmet Pasta Reviews You may also want to check out the Healthy Pizza Recipe. Enjoy pizza without all the guilt.

Fiber Gourmet 130 Calorie Pasta

Fiber Gourmet 130 Calorie Pasta