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Dr Oz 8-13-2012 Health Myths Show


Dr Oz, August 13 2012, Carob Chips Recipe, Health Myths

August 13, 2012

Dr Oz August 13 2012 Show – Diet and Health Myths Exposed

On today’s Dr Oz August 13 2012 show Dr Oz talks about commonly held diet and health myths that you may still believe.. Today, Dr Oz talks about sun burn, mosquito, and spicy food myths that just may surprise you..  Also remedies to help alleviate sun burn, mosquito bites, and ulcers. He also does a segment on diet myths that may shock you!  Listed below are links to each segment from today’s August 13, 2012 Show.

Chocolate Alternative, Carob Chips Recipe– For all of you chocolate lovers

Dr Oz August 13 2012 Show, Dr Oz 8-13-2012 Episode, Dr Oz Health Myths August 13 Show

Dr Oz August 13 2012 Show

out there, make sure you check out this Carob Chips Recipe… Satisfy your chocolate cravings without sacrificing your diet plans in the process.  Carob chips also doesn’t have any caffeine that can make you feel jittery or stay up at night..  The Carob Chips Recipe also is easy to make.  It only used 4 ingredients!

Health Myths, Mosquito Bites, Sun Burns, Ulcers – You may have heard of some of these commonly held beliefs when you were a child that you still believe today.. Today, Dr Oz talks about health myths that you may have always believed to be factual..  Which are true and which are false?  Dr Oz discusses sun burn, mosquito bites, and ulcer mytha along with remedies for each.

Diet Myths, Eating on Empty Stomach, Eating Fat, Make You Fat? – Dr Oz talks about several diet myths.  Which ones are true and which ones are a myth?  Are all calories created equal? Does eating fat make you fat? Will eating on an empty stomach help you to lose weight faster? Dr Oz discusses all of these diet myths on today’s 8-13-2012 show.

Health Confessions on Dr Oz – Today (August 13, 2012) – Dr Oz talks about some very interesting health ailments and remedies for each.. He talks about how to treat sweaty feet, insomnia, warts, and more.  He also talks about how to treat protein buildup on your contact lenses and if taking too many multi-vitamins can be dangerous.