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Dr Oz 6-08-2012 Most Embarrassing Moments


Dr Oz, June 8 2012 Most Embarrassing, Poop, Sex Dreams

June 8, 2012

Weirdest and Most Embarrassing Dr Oz Episodes Ever

Dr Oz June 8 2012, Dr Oz June 8 2012 Most Embarrassing Episodes

Dr Oz June 8 2012 Most Embarrassing Moments Episode

If you are an avid Dr Oz watcher then you have probably seen your share of episodes that dealt with weird, whacky, and downright embarrassing subject matters.  Dr Oz talks about poop, pee, sex, and more in a candid fashion.  There is a “no embarrassment” zone on Dr Oz because these matters do indeed have a lot to do with your health, even if it’s a little awkward.  Today, on Dr Oz’s June 8 2012 show Dr Oz reminisces about the most embarrassing and shocking moments that have been on his show.  He talks about broken penises, if it’s normal for married women to have sex dreams about other men, pubic hair dye,  the color of your poop, spraying pee, and much more!

Today’s show was live, but based on past segments that you may have seen before.  These shows are always awkward to watch, but somehow you can’t turn away because you find that you are oddly curious at the same time.

What Is The Shape Of Your Poop

For instance, how often have you discussed the shape of your poop?  Could you imagine doing so on national television?  Well, Dr Oz goes into detail about your poop shape, and what different shapes mean.  Here are some “poop shape” words of wisdom that Dr Oz shared on today’s June 8, 2012 show :

  • Your poop should have normal shape and when it is released it should sound like someone diving into the water.
  • Poop that has a marble appearance more than likely means that you are constipated.  Did you forget to take your metamucil today?  Dr Oz is always talking about how Americans don’t eat nearly as much fiber as what they should.  If your poop is “marbly” start eating more fiber!
  • Watery poop isn’t a good shape to have needless to say.  This likely means that you have diarrhea.

Is It Normal To Have Sex Dreams About Other Men If Your Married?

Dr Oz recapped a segment from a prior episode about a woman who would sometimes have sex dreams about other men even though she says that she is happily married.  She says that she wakes up feeling guilty about the sex dream that she just had. She wanted to know if this was normal.It is normal to have sex dreams about other people, it’s when people start thinking about acting upon those dreams when it is cause for concern.  You shouldn’t feel guilty about having dreams such as this.

Well, today(6-08-2012) wasn’t a “regular” show and most of the segments are from past episodes so I won’t be going into detail about each segments (again) that have already been done. Stay tuned for more health related Dr Oz episodes on Monday!  Feel free to browse the site, sign up to our newsletter, and like us on Facebook or Pinterest!