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Dr Oz 3 week allergy diet plan

Dr Oz Food Allergies, Anti-Allergy Diet, Mark Hyman

Dr Oz, 3 Week Allergy Diet Plan, Identify Food Allergy, Dairy, Probiotics

April 11, 2012

Identify Food Allergies Allergies

Dr Oz Food Allergies, Anti-Allergy Diet, Mark Hyman

Anti-Allergy Diet on Dr. Oz Show

Today’s (April 11, 2012) show was all about health myths and food allergies.   Food allergies can keep you from losing weight, but what can you do about it if you have food allergies?  Dr. Mark Hyman was Dr. Oz’s guest today to share with you his 3 week anti-allergy diet.  Also check out Dr Oz natural remedies for allergies to help reduce your symptoms if you suffer from springtime pollen.

A guest from the audience (named Debbie) came to the stage to talk about her allergy problems.  She explained to Dr. Oz that she could only lose 10-12 pounds and she would hit a plateau.  Soon she would get discouraged and would gain all the weight back.  Not only that, she told Dr. Oz that she  experiences fatigue and migraine headaches as well.

Week #1 Of Anti-Allergy Diet – Remove Dairy Foods

Remove all dairy from your household.  If dairy is part of your problem with allergies this will give your body a chance to reset.  Try drinking organic almond milk instead of dairy milk.  Almond milk is very good for you.  It contains healthy fats and proteins.   It has a different taste, but Dr. Oz said that he actually likes it better.  Also replace butter with olive oil in your meals.

Week #2 – Probiotics

Week #2 is the time to repair your stomach.  Probiotics provide healthy bacteria so the healing can begin.  During this week you should take it in supplement form.  Pill or powder is ok. Foods containing probiotics are good but you may not know if it contains enough for any health benefits.  During the anti-allergy diet three week plan stick with probiotics in supplement form.

Week 3 – Reboot Your System

Slowly add the dairy that you removed one food at a time. Keep a journal to take note of how you are feeling and if any symptoms reappear.  If you notice that you feel more healthy without a certain food, remove it from your diet.

At the end of the 3 Week Allergy Diet you may have a better idea if you have a food allergy.  If you think you do have food allergies, you can have a blood test done at your doctors office.  Dr. Hyman said that once his patients identified their food allergies they lost the weight that they couldn’t take off.  He even said that some lost 10 pounds in one week!