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Dr. Oz 10 Calories Shirataki Noodles


Dr Oz Carbs Swap,10 Calorie Shirataki Noodles, Pearl Barley

January 25, 2012

Health Carbs – Shirataki Noodles, Pearl Barley Rice, Purple Potatoes

Today, Dr. Oz did a segment on healthy carbs to help you lose

Dr. Oz Healthy Carbs, Shirataki Noodles, Pearl Barley, Purple Potatoes

Dr. Oz Healthy Carbs - Shirataki Noodles, Pearl Barley

weight.  Unhealthy carbs  can be your worst enemy when your trying to shed those unwanted pounds.  Fortunately, Dr. Oz did a segment on today’s January 25, 2011 show on how you can enjoy carbs and lose weight at the same time!

Swapping in “good” carbohydrates for the “bad” carbohydrates are key when your trying to lose weight. During this segment Dr. Oz talks about Shirataki Noodles (only 10 calories), Pearl Barley, Purple Potatoes, and Pretzels as carbs you should be swapping into your diet.

Shirataki Noodles (10 Calories, Zero Carbs!)

Dr. Oz invited a guest (Anna) from the audience to come on stage to help him with this segment. Anna told Dr. Oz that she is always on the run with a demanding job and has trouble eating the right foods. She said that she LOVES pasta but is afraid to eat them because she is afraid of gaining more weight.

Swap In Shiritaki Noodles For Your Pasta Dishes

Shirataki noodles aren’t exactly pasta, but they sure do have the look, taste, and feel.  Shirataki noodles come from the root of a yam in Asia.  Dr. Oz said that Shiritaki noodles only have 10 calories (you could burn that off walking across your living room) whereas a serving of regular pasta has 200 calories (plus all the carbs! Shirataki noodles don’t have any!)

Dr. Oz said if all you did was swap in Shirataki noodles in place of your regular noodles twice a week you would lose 11 pounds in a year.  Dr. Oz let Anna sample the noodles and she said that they were good. You can order Shirataki Noodles online or they can be found in some health food stores.

Purple Potatoes

Purple potatoes come from South America and are full of healthy flavonoids.  Dr. Oz said that studies have shown that you don’t gain weight when you eat purple potatoes. He said that purple potatoes only contain 30 calories! Sounds to me like they would make a nice substitute for white potatoes.

Dr. Oz said that if you swap purple potatoes for white potatoes you will lose 3 pounds in a year (and that’s by doing nothing else!).  Of course it would be a good idea to season your potatoes with seasonings, garlic, and spices rather than pouring butter and ranch dressing all over them!

Swap Pearl Barley For Rice

Pearl Barley is high in fiber.  In fact, Pearl Barley contains 4 grams per serving! If you swap Pearl Barley for Rice in your meals you will lose pounds a year.

Swap Pretzels For Chips

Instead of grabbing for the bag of chips, snack on pretzels instead.  Whole Wheat Pretzels only have 50 calories per serving, which is far less than regular potato chips.