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Dr Oz, Beer Split End Remedy, Licorice Paste Callus, Coconut Oil

June 4, 2012

Dr Oz Crazy Remedies For Calluses, Dandruff, Brittle Nails, Split Ends

Today, Dr Oz did a segment that talks about crazy quick fix remedies that can help you get rid of your annoying ailments quickly.  He talks about how Licorice Paste can help rid you of your calluses, coconut oil for dandruff, potato rub for sunburn, and even how beer can be a useful remedy for split ends!   Some of these remedies may sound crazy but Dr Oz says they work and are not just myths!

Licorice Paste Remedy For Calluses

Dr Oz invited a woman to the stage from the audience to talk about her problem with calluses.  She said that she gets hard calluses on her feet and would love to find a remedy to fix this annoying ailment.  Dr Oz suggested that she try licorice paste.  He said that licorice paste is a useful natural remedy because licorice contains estrogens that soften up the callus.  Then you can gently sand off the callus.

Remedy Your Dandruff Problem With Coconut Oil

Dr Oz, Coconute Oil Dandruff Remedy, Olive Oil brittle nails remedy, licorice paste for calluses

Dr Oz Natural Remedies - Coconut Oil for Dandruff, Olive Oil for Brittle Nails, and More!

The next woman came to the stage to talk to Dr Oz about her embarrassing problem.  Her name was Jess and she told Dr Oz that she has dandruff.  He said that dandruff is caused by a yeast like fungus.

To help get rid of your dandruff problem Dr Oz suggested that you try coconut oil.  Coconut oil contains lauric acid which will moisturize the scalp.  He said that while you are taking a shower apply the coconut oil.  Let the oil soak in the hair for a few minutes and then rinse out.

Remedy Your Split Ends With Beer!

Do you have an annoying problem with split ends?  Dr Oz said that beer can help to remedy split ends.  He said that beer works because it contains protein and B vitamin that helps to seal the hair and keep moisture locked in.  Work the beer through your hair and allow to sit for 5 minutes.  Then rinse out the beer.  Never heard of this remedy before, but worth a try if you have a problem with split ends!

Olive Oil Remedy For Brittle Nails

Do your nails break or crack easily? A woman from the audience named Michelle told Dr Oz that she has weak nails.  Dr Oz recommended to Michelle that she try soaking her nails in olive oil once a week.  This will soften up your dry, brittle nails and they will be much likely to crack and break.

Potato Rub Sunburn Remedy

In case you get a painful sunburn try rubbing a slice of a potato onto the sunburn.  This natural reedy helps to repair the cells and the starch that is in the potatoes will help sooth the sunburn pain.