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Dr. Oz, Weil Stress Secrets, Relief Tips and Suggestions

September 21, 2011

Andrew Weil’s Secrets To Suppress Stress

Andrew Weil appeared on Dr. Oz’s show today on September 21,

Stress Relief Tips on Dr. Oz Show

Stress Relief On Dr. Oz Show

2011. He talked about ways that you can suppress stress in your life.

Dr. Oz asked Andrew Weil about what are the biggest mistakes people make when they try to manage stress themselves. Andrew Weil said that people try to live their lives without stress. He said that you can’t, because life is stressful. He did say however that there are plenty of things that you can do and take that will reduce stress in your life.

Relieve Stress From Sunday Night Blues

Dr. Oz polled his viewers about what are the top “stresses” in your life. Sunday night blues was one of those selected for the shows. They showed a video of a woman who said that her Sunday Night Stress starts on Sunday afternoons at around 3 and stays with her for the rest of the night. She said that some of the simplest things like cooking dinner or getting prepared for the work week stress her out and make it almost unbearable.  Andrew Weil gave three tips to help relieve

Sunday Night Blues stress :

1. Squash Soup Recipe – Check out this nourishing recipe you can have to help “squash” out the Sunday Night Blues.

2. Holy Basil Stress Repressing Supplement – Andrew Weil says that Holy Basil is a miracle herb that can really help with stress. He said that it is completely safe and can be taken long term.

3. Use A Soothing Alarm Clock To Wake You Up – A beeping alarm clock shocking you out of your sleep is stressful to your nervous system. Dr. Oz and Andrew Weil suggest buying an alarm clock that will gently awaken you from sleep.

PMS Stress

Andrew Weil says that PMS and stress can be a vicious cycle. Each feeding off of eachother to make everything worse. Dr. Oz said that women who report high levels of stress also are 2-4 times more likely to report moderate to high levels of PMS.

Andrew Weil suggests that you reduce your intake of caffeine when you know that PMS will be coming on.  He also suggests 500 mg of currant oil twice a day at the start of your period.

Sitting In Traffic Stress

Sitting in traffic stress out many people. People get tense and their hearts often beat faster. Dr. Oz said that your chances of a heart attack increases dramatically if you have been sitting in traffic for three hours.  Dr. Oz asked Andrew Weil what you should do if you get stuck in traffic. He suggested :

  • 4-7-8 Breathing Technique To Use – Breathe in through your nose for a count of four. Hold your breath for a count of seven. Slowly exhale for a count of 8. Do this for four breath repititions.