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Dr Oz Ocean Floor Diet Secrets, Algae Oil, Chitosan, Nori

May 14, 2012

Dr Oz Weight Loss Secrets That Lie On The Ocean Floor

Dr Oz Ocean Floor Diet Secrets, Nori Seaweed, Algae Oil, Chitosan

Dr Oz Ocean Floor Diet Secrets : Nori Seaweed, Algae Oil, Chitosan

Did you know that the far beneath the surface of the sea, there may be weight loss secrets that lie all the way down on the ocean floor?  Today Dr Oz did a segment called “Ocean Floor Diet Secrets” and he talks about how Algae Oil, Chitosan Fat Blocker, and Nori Edible Seaweed can help you to lose weight.  The entire show today was about losing weight to help you gain confidence and look great for summer.  Be sure to check out related segments Dr Oz Bloating Recipes, and how Gochujang Hot Sauce and Matcha tea can boost your metabolism to help you lose weight.

Algae Oil For Belly Fat

Algae oil is where fish get their Omega 3 fats which we all know are healthy.  These fats are beneficial because they reduce inflammation.  When you consume algae oil which is full of these healthy fats your body will de-stress and naturally release fat in your body.  You can take algae oil in supplement form and is available online or in health food stores.  Take algae oil along with 600 milligrams of DHA per day.

Eat Flounder Twice A Week

Flounder is a flat fish that lives on the bottom of the ocean.  Just one fillet of flounder has 30 grams of protein!  You will feel fuller longer and will consume less calories snacking on unhealthy foods!  Dr oz recommends eating flounder twice per week.

Nori Seaweed

Dr Oz said if there was one food to concentrate on adding to your diet all summer it’s seaweed.  Nori is an edible seaweed that have a pigment in them called fucoxanthin.  It boosts your bodies ability to burn fat.  He said that Nori is in a lot of Japanese dishes. You can buy Nori seaweed in sheets.  You can lightly toast it in the oven and eat them like potato chips! Yum, I can handle that!

Chitosan Fat Burners

Chitosan is what you should take if your going to have a “cheat day”.  Take 1000 milligrams of chitosan 30 minutes before eating.  Your body will absorb less fat.  Chitosan is a crustacean found on the bottom of the ocean.  Dr Oz said that if you have allergies to shellfish you shouldn’t take Chitosan.