Dr Oz, Strontium Strengthens Weak Bones, Resveratrol, Fish Oil

June 7, 2012

4 Supplements To Help You Live Longer

Dr Oz Supplements To Live Longer, resveratrol, strontium, vitamin d, fish oil

Dr Oz Supplements To Live Longer, Resveratrol, Strontium, Vitamin D, Fish Oil

Today Dr Oz talked about 4 supplements that may help you live longer. Some of them you may have heard of, while others may surprise you. Dr Oz talks about how strontium, Resveratrol, Vitamin D, and Fish Oil can increase your lifespan.  Dr Oz assembled a medical team to track down the top supplements to help you live longer.  He also did a segment on Natural Alternatives to prescription drugs that really work!

Resveratrol  Supplements For Heart Health

Resveratrol supplements can help to protect your heart by reducing inflammation by as much as 26%!! Inflammation can be deadly because they can cause blood clots. For max results take 500 milligrams per day. I found them online for about 15-20 dollars.  I did notice that if you buy a three month supply you can get the price per bottle down to 12 bucks.  That’s a lot better deal when you add in to the fact that there is free shipping if you order more than $25.00 worth of product. That’s really not too bad when you consider you can lower your inflammation by as much as 26%.

Strontium Increases Bone Strength

Today was the first time that Dr Oz has ever talked about Strontium.  Awareness about this supplement amongst the medical community is quickly growing around the country.  Is strontium better than calcium?  Well, calcium only helps your bones that are already strong. Strontium strengthens the bones have have weakened over time.   Strontium can help to reduce your risk for fractures by by 33%.  For best results take 680 milligrams each day.  Take strontium 4 hours after taking your calcium supplement.  Dr Oz suggests that you talk your doctor into doing some research on strontium.  I found strontium online for only about 15 bucks.  It’s also eligible for free shipping as well!

Prevent Cancer With Vitamin D

Live longer by taking Vitamin D supplements!  Vitamin D does more than to just make your bones strong.  They also help your immune system function better.  Dr Oz said that Vitamin D is the #1 cancer fighter of them all.  He said to take 1000 IU of Vitamin D every day for best results.

Fish Oil For Brain Health

Fish Oil contains Omega 3’s which will improve the way your brain functions and will stimulate cell growth.  Take 100 milligrams of fish oil every do to achieve optimum results.


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