Dr Oz, Schizandra Berry Supplement, Anti-Aging Miracle Pill

April 5, 2012

Schizandra Berry, Anti-Aging Miracle Supplement

Schizandra Miracle Berry, Dr Oz

Schizandra Miracle Berry on Dr Oz

Would you be interested in a pill that will improve your memory, as well as look and feel younger?  On today’s show Dr. Oz  invited Chris Kilham on to the show to talk about a “Miracle Anti-Aging Supplement” called Schizandra Berry.  Also be sure to check out the opening segment on today’s show called “Dr Oz Skin Type Anti-Aging Plan

Chris Kilham explained to Dr. Oz that the Schizandra Berry lowers stress hormones (this sounds like something I need!) An audience member named Janice was invited to the stage to taste the berry. She kind of grimaced as if she wasn’t liking the taste at all.  Dr. Oz tried it and said that they were sour (he then spit out the berries).  Chris Kilham said that the berries have a pungent taste and are strictly used as medicine rather than as a food.

Schizandra Berry For Younger Looking Skin

Schisandra berry contains powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals and protects your skin from again.  It also contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties that detoxifies the body. Chris suggested taking the Schizandra Berry in a juice. Once again Dr. Oz tried it and once again he didn’t like the taste.  Chris then suggested that he try it in apple juice. The “taste testers” gave the impression that this stuff doesn’t taste very good at all.  Give me the supplement form any day!

Schizandra Berry Is An Energy Booster

Dr Oz asked another guest from the audience to join him on stage.  Her name was Janice and she said that she regular drinks coffee and energy drinks. Chris said that Schizandra Berry causes the cells to produce it naturally (rather than sugar filled and highly caffeinated energy drinks).  He also stated that he never suffers from energy problems when he is taking Schisandra Berry.

Shizandra Berry Improves Memory

Chris says that this miracle berry can improve your thought formation, concentration, and memory.  He said to take 500 mg each day in supplement form.  You can also take the supplement in fluid extract form and add it to juice.

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