Dr Oz, Bloody Nose From Anxiety, Stress, Nervous, Hormone Spike

September 13, 2012

Dr Oz Talks About Getting A Bloody Nose Bleed From Stress – “Nervous Nose Bleed”

Today’s Dr Oz Uncensored Show was all about embarrassing questions people have about their health.  Some questions were more embarrassing than others.  I think that this particular question wasn’t really embarrassing because it dealt with a problem that many people have, bloody noses.  The woman who had this question told Dr Oz that she would get bloody noses whenever she got nervous, anxious, or stressed out.. Dr Oz asked her what kinds of things stressed her out enough for her to get nose bleeds.  The woman said that she is a very busy mom and she thinks her nervousness and stress comes from everyday life that we all face every day.

Dr Oz : Bloody Noses From Anxiety, Nervousness, and/or Stress

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Dr Oz : Bloody Noses From Nervousness, Stress, and Anxiety

When people get nervous a couple of things start happening inside of your body.  First of all your stress hormones start to change.  Dr Oz has up a display demonstrating what is going on.  A woman started filling up a tube with yellow balls signifying your body’s stress hormones. As your hormones build up your heart may start to race and your blood pressure starts to respond in similar fashion.  When your blood pressure spikes under stress and anxiety nose bleeds can be a result..  This makes sense to me.. Never really thought of it this way. I like how he explains what is probably a complex process in the body as something that everybody can understand!

Dr. Oz wanted to highlight this problem from today’s Dr Oz uncensored show because this can be a signal to you that more serious results can occur rather than just a nose bleed.  He said that while your blood vessels in your nose are fragile and can bleed first, other blood vessels in your body can bleed also (such as in your head…. which is a stroke!).  He said that this should be taken as a warning sign what these blood pressure spikes can do to you.  Check how Kirstie Alley battles stress with her magnesium and calcium elixir, from her show on Dr. Oz. “Kirstie Alley Rescue Kit on Dr. Oz“.

So How Do You Deal With Blood Pressure Spikes?

Ok, now that we know that nose bleeds from nervousness, stress, and anxiety can be warning signs that we all shouldn’t ignore, what can we do about it?  Dr Oz said that we should learn how to cope with stress rather than getting rid of it because we are all going to experience stress and there is no way around it.  He also said that there are substance like caffeine that you can avoid that can exasperate this problem.

Definitely makes you think.. If blood vessels in your nose can rupture from stress, they can cause your blood vessels in your brain to rupture too resulting in a stroke.  Definitely makes me want to slow down a bit..  Have any comments about this segment of today’s show?  Please leave them in the comment box below.

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