Dr Oz Stomach Problems, Phazyme Gas, Fleet Saline Enema

February 16, 2012

Dr. Oz Stomach Problem Remedies, Phazyme Gas, Fleet Saline Enema

Dr. Oz had on Dr. Keri Peterson to talk about stomach problems and what women do wrong when the go into the drugstore to find relief.  She said that 25% of women suffer from indigestion and the biggest mistake they make is picking out the wrong product for their particular ailment.  Here are the best products that you can buy to give you relief for your stomach problems.

Fleet Saline Enema For Constipation

Dr. Oz Stomach Problems, Phazyme Gas, Fleet saline enema

Dr. Oz Stomach Problem Remedies

A guest from the audience named Genie came to the stage to talk about her problems with constipation.  Dr. Oz asked her what she used and she said that she uses a stool softener.  Dr. Oz asked Keri if this is the best medication that you can take for constipation.  Dr. Peterson said that no it is not.  She recommends a saline enema for quick and fast relief.  She said that you will be relieved from constipation in 1 to 5 minutes.

Antacid Supplements For Heartburn

Another guest from the audience came to the stage to talk about her problem with heartburn.  She said that regularly she would buy a proton pump inhibitor to deal with her heartburn symptoms.  Keri said that you should opt for an antacid to neutralize the acid immediately.  She said to look for an antacid with magnesium.  She said that it works quickly.  Calcium antacids take longer and can cause constipation.

Phazyme and Mylanta For Gas Symptoms

To help with “Gas” Dr. Keri Peterson recommends Phazyme and Mylanta gas tablets to help relieve symptoms with gas.

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