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February 14, 2012

Smelly Poop, Anal Hair, Pubic Hair Dye – Dr Oz Embarrassing Questions

Do you have a question that you thought that you would never be able to ask your doctor?  Today Dr. Oz reveals some of the most embarrassing questions that people of asked Dr Oz over the years.  Today’s episode deals with sensitive subject matter that may make you blush, but unable to turn away because…..yes it applies to you as well!  Smelly poop, anal hair, pubic hair dye, farting in your sleep, etc…. No question is too embarrassing when it comes to your health, confidence, and well being.

Dr. Oz Embarrassing Questions

Dr Oz Embarrassing Questions, Odor reducer, ok to wax butt crack

Dr Oz Embarrassing Question

Do some of these questions pertain to you?

  • Why do I always snort when I laugh?
  • Why do people fart while they are sleeping?
  • Why are feet so smelly?
  • Why do women get horny in their upper 50’s?
  • Is it ok to wax my butt crack?
  • Why do I poop when I go pee?
  • Is there something I can take to reduce smelly poop odor?
  • Can I dye my gray pubic hair?

Smelly Poop Odor Reducer

Dr. Oz asked a guest what her most embarrassing question is.  She asked Dr. Oz “How can I get rid of the smell when I poop in someone else’s bathroom?  Does lighting a match really get rid of the smell?

Dr. Oz said that lighting a match works, but it only works because the sulfer smell from the match has covered up the smell.  So how do you reduce the smell of the smelly poop odor in a bathroom.  Dr. Oz recommends the Just a Drop Toilet Odor Reducer (also be sure to read all of the customer reviews!)  The Just A Drop Odor Reducer contains oils from eucalyptus extract.  It seals the smelly odor under the water so you can use #2 worry free when you are using someone else’s (or your own) bathroom without embarrassment.

Is It Ok To Wax My Butt Crack?

Dr. Oz brought a guest down from the audience who has a problem with…… anal hair, and she wanted to know that if it was ok to wax her butt crack.  This got a rise out of the audience, but Dr. Oz let her know (her name was Mary) that this is a very common problem and she shouldn’t be embarrassed at all by it.

So is it ok to wax your butt crack if you have a problem with anal hair?  Dr. Oz said that yes it is, but there is a proper way of doing it.  Dr. Oz recommends getting a professional to do the wax job.  He says that you should use hard wax rather than wax strips.  He said that the hard wax is better for your skin and it pulls out the hair better so you don’t have to repeat the painful process.

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