Dr Oz Must Have Foods, Bulgur Wheat, Brewers Yeast, Red Onion

April 27, 2012

Must Have Foods In Dr Oz House

Dr Oz Bulgur Wheat, must have foods

Dr Oz Bulgur Wheat - Must Have Foods

So you watch Dr Oz everyday and you have learned a lot about nutrition and health. His opening segments were about embarrassing bathroom questions, and TMI medical questions.  Have you ever wondered what Dr Oz keeps in his home?  Wouldn’t you like to open up his fridge and see what foods are “must haves” in his household?  Well, you don’t have to wonder any longer.  Today, Dr Oz talks about his must have foods in his house.  Here are some of the items that Dr Oz talked about during this segment.

Dr Oz Must Have’s In His Cupboard

In his cupbard Dr Oz stores olive oils and spices.  He love olive oil because of the healthy fats that your body needs.  Rosemary is his favorite spice to add flavor to his dishes.

Dr Oz Favorite Kitchen Gadget

I bet you could have guessed this one!  It’s the blender.  Everyone knows how Dr Oz loves to make smoothies filled with berries, yogurt, veggies, etc…  I’ve made a few few of his smoothie recipes and all have been delicious!

Dr Oz’s Favorite Ice Cream – Butter Pecan

We all have a secret food that we love to indulge in and Dr Oz is no different.  Occasionally, Dr Oz said he will have a scoop or two of butter pecan.

Dr Oz Must Have Pantry Items

Dried Cherries – Cherries are low in fat and loaded with antioxidants.  They also help reduce information.  The even contain melatonin which will help you fall asleep at night.

Red Onions

Dr Oz onions and in particular red onions.  They are healthier than white onions.  A good tip to remember is to only peel off the paper thin layer on the outside of the onion. The layer right underneath that helps to prevent heart disease!  The flavonoids that are in the onion are more concentrated in the outer layers.

Bulgur Wheat

Honestly I had never heard of bulgar wheat until watching the episode today.  Bulgur wheat is very high in fiber and we all know how much Dr Oz loves fiber!  You will satiated (full) longer in between meals.

Brewer’s Yeast

Try sprinkling some brewers yeast on foods such as popcorn.  This will help reduce your risk of heart disease.


Try to eat up to 3 ounces a day of chestnuts.  They are loaded in fiber and vitamin C.  They also make great travel snacks that just may keep you from snacking on junk food!

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Now that you know some of the staple foods that Dr Oz keeps in his home, you should check out some of the healthy food recipes shared on his show.

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