Dr. Oz, Fingernails Warning Signs, White Spots, Clubbing, Cuticles

October 11, 2011

Fingernails Warning Signs About Your Health

Dr. Oz said that your fingernails can give you warning signs about what is happening inside of your body.

Dry Cracked Cuticles

– Medications for cholesterol and blood pressure can dry out your cuticles.  Dr. Oz says that yo can use moisterizers with ceramides to help with this problem.  It will help hold in moisture at the cuticles and will help with the cracking.

White Spots On Your Nails

– White spots can be a signal that you may possibly have a zinc

Dr. Oz Fingernail warning signs, clubbing, white spots, cuticles

Dr. Oz Fingernail Warning Signs

deficiency.  Dr. Oz said that a daily multivitamin has enough zinc that can probably get rid of the white spots on your nails over time. However, you should remember that the white spots will take weeks or months before enough new nail is produced and the white spots are no longer there.  He also said shellfish is rich in zinc and this can help as well.

Fingernail Clubbing

Fingernail Clubbing – If you have clubbing this can mean that your body is not getting enough oxygen to your extremities.

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