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Dr Oz Jeans Cheat, Appear A Size Smaller, Look Thinner

February 3, 2012

Jeans Cheat – How To Appear A Size Smaller and Look Thinner

Most of us would love to drop a jean size, but if it hasn’t happened and you don’t time to make it happen there are things you can do to appear a size smaller.  Dr. Oz did a segment on today’s show on how you can immediately look like you lost 10 pounds just by the jeans that you wear! Here is the Dr. Oz Jeans Cheat :

Dr. Oz Jeans Cheat : Look Like You Have Lost 10 Pounds

Dr. Oz Jeans Cheat, look thinner, appear smaller

Dr. Oz Jeans Cheat To Look Thinner

Have you abandoned jeans altogether because you think that they make you look fat?  The problem just may be the type of jeans that you are wearing. Dr. Oz had on June Ambrose who is a celebrity stylist to fit women with jeans that will make them look thinner.

Blue Jeans To Make You Look Thinner

June explained to Dr. Oz that finding the right jeans is about choosing jeans with the right proportion scale. She said that there are a lot of women out there buying jeans that are too small for them. They think that buying a smaller pair of jeans will make them appear smaller, but in fact they will make you look larger.

Dark Jeans Make You Appear Smaller

A model came out on stage wearing a pair of dark jeans. June noted how the jeans did not have contrast stitching.  She also noted that the jeans did not have any front pockets.  Pockets in the front will make you look bigger.  The model was also wearing heals which made her look thinner by making her legs appear longer and thinner.

Dark Wash Jeans (Bootcut Style)

Another model came out on to the stage in faded jeans. June said these jeans draw attention to your thighs. When the model put on a dark washed jean (with no pockets) she looked smaller.  The model said she felt more confident when wearing the dark wash bootcut jeans.

The third woman said that she never wears jeans because she hates the way she looks in them.  She felt that jeans accentuated her stomach area.  June Ambrose had this woman put on a pair of dark washed jeans and she loved the way her bottom looked.

Do you have a favorite pair of jeans? If so, leave me a comment and tell me why they’re you’re favorite.

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