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Dr Oz, Peels, Stems To Save Your Life, Watermelon Rinds

January 13, 2012

Peels, Seeds, and Stems To Save Your Life – Watermelon Rinds For Heart Disease

Today Dr. Oz did a very interesting segment on how peels, seeds, and stems from fruit and vegetables can help to save your life.  Foods that can actually help prevent disease in your body may be in your TRASH CAN? Yes, it’s true.. Today Dr. Oz lets you in on the amazing power of nutrients that lie within the seeds, stems, and peels of the foods that you are throwing out.

Watermelon Rinds To Prevent Heart Disease

Watermelon can help prevent heart disease, dr. oz

Dr. Oz says that Watermelon rinds can help prevent heart disease.

Before you throw out those watermelon rinds, you might want to know that they can help to prevent heart disease!  Dr. Oz suggests grinding up watermelon rinds to make a juice out of it!  He suggests adding some lime (and a little bit of vodka! ssshhh) and enjoy yourself a delicious drink that can help ward off heart disease.  The amino acids that are in the watermelon rinds help guard against heart disease.

Celery Tops (with the leaves) For Pancreas Health

Your pancreas creates insulin and if it isn’t working properly, disease can set in.  Celery leaves can help keep your pancreas healthy. The celery leaves have more magnesium than are what in the stalks.  Dr. Oz suggests chopping up the leaves and adding it to some salsa and add it to your diet.

Reduce The Risk Of Stroke

The skin of a red onion (I never would of though) can help reduce your risk of getting a stroke.  Dr. Oz suggests making a soup using the red onion skins.

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