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December 13, 2011

Jane Fonda Interview on Dr. Oz, 3 Acts

The legendary actress and physical fitness guru Jane Fonda appeared on today’s December 13, Dr. Oz Show to talk about how her life’s experiences and how to courageously confront all of life’s battles and whatever the future may have in store for us.

Jane Fonda, now at 74 years young has a philosophy about her life that she calls the “Three Acts Of Life”.  Jane has never been afraid to try new things and reluctant to step into the realms of the unknown.

Three Acts Of Life

Act 1

Jane Fonda was born into prominence, being the daughter of Henry Fonda.  From the day she was born she had privileges that most others are never able to experience.  That’s not to say that her life was without any tribulations early on in her life.  Her mother committed suicide while Jane was still a young girl.  Her father Henry was emotionally cut off and kept his distance.  She didn’t decide to become an actress until her late teenage years.

Act 2

During the second act of Jane’s life she discovered that she wasn’t totally fulfilled with living the “Hollywood” life. She got into political causes, some of which were controversial at the time.  She was an activist against the Vietnam War, and earned the nickname “Hanoi Jane.”

Act 3

Years later Jane Fonda spawned a nation wide interest in exercise

Dr. Oz Jane Fonda Interview

Dr. Oz Jane Fonda Interview

when she released her exercise tape called “Jane Fonda’s Workout.”  The tape became an instant sensation with millions of women and men all across the country.

Fonda wasn’t always the Super Woman that she appeared to be.  She was always in a life long struggle with inner demons. Jane struggled with anorexia and bulimia all throughout her younger years.

After the opening video segment Dr. Oz invited Jane Fonda to the stage.  At 74 years old, Jane Fonda looked fabulous.  During the opening video segment Jane saw the “On Golden Pond” and was emotionally taken back.

Dr. Oz asked Jane why seeing the scenes from “On Golden Pond” is hard for Jane to watch.  She said that she misses her father and she could really related to the Father Daughter moments that were in that movie.

Dr. Oz talked with Jane about how she describes her life in “3 Acts”.  Jane describes in her book how the first act of her life is largely dominated by her relationship with her dad, Henry Fonda.  She said that her father didn’t express his emotions well.  As a young girl, she felt that their relationship was her fault of that she was doing something wrong. However, as she grew older she realized her parents were doing the best that they could as Mother and Father and she learned acceptance.

Dr. Oz mentioned an excerpt from Jane’s book about how “trying to be perfect can be toxic”.  She said that so many people, and young women in particularly feel such a strong need to be popular and accepted.  Many young girls feel that they have to be perfect to be accepted.  They then bring that mentality into their relationships later in life.  She believes that nobody is meant to be perfect, and that only God is perfect.  We need to learn to accept our shortcomings and forgive ourselves for making mistakes in life.

Dr. Oz wanted to touch on the subject of Jane’s mother taking her own life.  Years later when Jane was writing her memoir, she found some of her mothers writing.  See said that it was easy to learn all about her father’s early years because he was famous and there was literature available.  She went to the institution where her mother committed suicide and obtained her medical records.  She found out that her mother was molested at 8 years of age.  That’s when she realized that while growing up, it wasn’t her fault and she was able to forgive her mom.

Life Review Questions
1. What would you say about yourself?
What would your family say about you?

2. What goals do you have for the rest of your life?
When you come to the end, you should know who you were always were meant to be. We start off that way until we hit puberty. As we get older, we circle back to becoming that feisty little girl only this time you have wisdom and maturity. You become whole and don’t have regrets. Rehearsals prepare you for what is to come. For instance, she imagined herself dying in bed surrounded by family and friends and imagined what they would say.

Jane’s 3 Life Questions To Ask Yourself

1. What would you say about yourself and what would your loved ones say about you?

2. What goals do you have for the remainder of your life?

There’s going to come the time when we are all at our “final days”.  You should know who you were meant to be.

3. What do you want it all to add up to?

Did your life have purpose?  Did you live your life fully?  Jane said that you don’t want to leave this world “leaving part of yourself behind.”

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