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Dr Oz, Squatty Potty Review, Stool That Helps You Poop

August 20, 2012

Can The Squatty Potty Help You Poop

Ok, today’s August 20, 2012 show had an awkward segment that I just had to post.  The show originally aired back in May and we got loads of emails asking where you can buy the squatty potty, and does the stool does it really work.  After noticing that the “squatty potty” was once again going to be appearing on the Dr Oz show I decided to do a little research to help answer some peoples questions.

Where Can You Buy The Squatty Potty?

Dr Oz, Squatty Potty Stool

Squatty Potty Stool Aligns Your Colon Into Proper Position

Here is the cheapest place that I’ve found  them.. The stools come in 7 or 9 inch sizes.  They also have many customer reviews who give their recommendations to help you make the right choice.  Purchase The Squatty Potty Stool Online.

Dr Oz was inviting members from the audience to the stage to talk about various ailments like he often does.  The squatty potty is a small 7 or 9 inch stool intended to help you poop.  Dr Oz said that when you sit on a toilet you aren’t in your natural “pooping” position.. Wayyyyy back in time when people didn’t have toilets how did they ummmmm…… poop? Well, they squatted of course.  Yes, awkward to talk about but it’s the truth. Of course you don’t squat at a 90 degree angle like you do as your sitting on a toilet..  A toilet is not optimized to help your body release waste when your sitting this way.  The squatty potty was designed so your feet are propped up into the perfect position to get your body into the proper alignment.

The squatty potty also is designed to wrap around the toilet for when you get up.. You slide it in and it hugs the toilet seat.  A regular step stool would take up space in your bathroom and would likely be an eye sore.  The squatty potty lies conveniently tucked away around the toilet base. Here are some facts that I found out about the squatty potty :

  • The Squatty Potty works by getting the colon in proper alignment for elimination.  This helps to prevent hemorrhoids as well as colon disease.
  • Easy and comfortable to use and slides conveniently under the toilet
  • Hospitals use the squatty potty and is doctor recommended

Squatty Potty Reviews

People rave about the squatty potty. I set out to read some customer reviews and nearly every review is very good… See for yourself!  Read Squatty Potty Customer Reviews.

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