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May 3, 2012

Montel’s Plan For Emotional Eaters

Dr Oz, Montel Williams, Emotional Eating Plan

Montel Williams Emotional Eating Plan on Dr Oz

Montel’s Struggles With Emotional Eating began early in his life.  He would eat whenever he became emotional.  Dr Oz said that this is a common problem that many people suffer from.  People eat when they are bored, sad, upset, and full of anxiety (amongst other reasons as well).  Montel has always been a person that seeks out answers to his problems.  Today, Montel reveals his strategy plan to combat his struggles with emotional emotional eating to Dr Oz and the audience.

Kola Nut Infusion Drink

One of the most popular reasons why people overeat is whenever they are bored (I’m so guilty of this!)  Montel came up with a drink he calls the “Never Be Bored Kola Nut Infusion Drink” He adds a few drops of kola nut extract into drinks or you can opt to drink it straight.  Dr Oz didn’t seem to like the taste.  You can also add some drops to your fruit. Montel does this daily.

Chocolate Goji Berry Blast Recipe

Another reason why people eat is because of stress (guilty again.  I think I’m an emotional eater too!).  Here’s the recipe to make the Chilled Chocolate Goji Berry Blast Drink.

  • Mix 3 tablespoons of raw chocolate with 4 tablespoons of ground goji berries
  • 1 can of coconut water

Montel also recommended to drink coconut water twice a day to protect against wrinkles.  I’m guessing this is because coconut water is a really great way to keep you hydrated.  I learned this from a past Dr Oz episode!

Soothing Seed Combo – (Hemp and Chia Seeds)

When you get upset it’s an another trigger for emotional eaters.  Montel recommends his Soothing Seed Combo as a way to combat this emotional trigger. He said that hemp seeds have a lot of protein and they burn fat.  He learned about chia seeds from Dr Oz and thought this would be a great combination.  Try sprinkling these seeds over your salad. I have tried these seeds over salad and it’s yummy.  Adds a chewy/crunchy sort of texture and has a nutty taste.  Delish!

Happy Hunger Chews

Montel has talked about Saffron Extract in the past and the Happy Hunger Chews contain saffron.  Montel has been such a huge believer in saffron that he became a spokesman for it.  He went to them and asked them if he could become a spokesman.  Not the other way around.  He went to them because he believed in it so much!  He said to take 2 Happy Hunger Chews each day.

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