Dr Oz Recipes

Recipes Featured on the Dr. Oz Show

Dr. Oz has a lot of great recipes that are healthy and can also help youlose weight at the same time. This page will be share all of the latest and greatest recipes from his show.

Dr. Oz Recipes

Guilt Free Cottage Cheese Banana Split Recipe – Dr. Oz shares healthy recipes of traditional delicacy desserts and comfort foods.  Creamy mac and cheese, cottage cheese banana split and cottage cheese whole grain pancakes.

Avocado Soup, Cauliflower Soup, Stuffed Mushrooms 21 Day Diet Recipes – Here are more great dishes that you can enjoy while losing weight on Dr. Oz's 21 Day Breakthrough Diet plan.

21 Day Diet Recipes – Looking for some of Dr. Oz's 21 Day Breakthrough Diet Recipes?

Oprah Winfrey Breakfast Cookies – You can enjoy cookies for breakfast without feeling guilty about it!  Oprah Winfrey shares how to make delicious rolled oat breakfast cookies using natural sugars from bananas and apples.  No additional sugars added!

Whole Wheat Pankos Chicken Tenders – Do you love chicken tenders, but want a healthier way to cook them?  Try this mouth watering Encrusted Pankos Chicken Tenders recipe featured on Dr. Oz that will make your mouth water and it's a healthy recipe that the whole family can enjoy.

Negative Calorie Soup Recipe – Dr. Oz talks about negative calorie foods and how you can burn more calorie and raise your resting metabolism just by the foods you eat.

Day Off Diet Soup Recipes – The "Day Off Diet" allows you to enjoy your favorite foods while still losing weight on your diet.  Dr. Oz shares 20 of the best Day Off Recipes that will help you meet your goal weight while satisfying your cravings.  Soup the way it was meant to be.

Dark Chocolate Bark, Whopper, Crepe Recipes – Do you love chocolate but don't want all that sugar in your diet?  You can still satisfy your sweet tooth craving and enjoy delicious treats like Dark Chocolate Bark, Mouse, Crepes, and Whoppers!

300 Sandwich Recipes – Looking for quick and easy?  Stephanie Smith, author of 300 Sandwich Recipes shares fast one minute meals as well as quick and easy meals for families on the go.

Sweet and Spicy Short Ribs – Dr. Oz challenged his viewers to send in their favorite crock pot slow cooker dishes.  The sweet and spicy short ribs recipe was the winner.  Healthy ingredients and easy directions.

Quinoa No Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies – Dr. Oz loves quinoa, so this was a recipe that he absolutely loved.  Shared by fitness guru, Shaun T.

Banana Melon Ginger Acid Reflux Smoothie – Dr. Oz shares a recipe that will help to prevent acid reflux and/or reduce symptoms associated with acid reflux.

Seared Salmon Ramon Noodle Recipe – Celebrity Chef Marcus Samuelsson shares his seared salmon recipe on Dr Oz. Only 475 calories. Low sodium nutritious recipe of those delicious noodle packages were grew up eating as kids.

Glutamine, Sweet Spritzer Energy Drink Recipes – Boost your metabolism and energy at the same time with the Yerba Mate, Glutamine, and Sweet Spritzer energy drinks.

Dr Oz Calorie Cutting Recipes, Manicotti, Chicken Fried Steak – How would you like to enjoy manicotti or chicken fried steak without the guilt?  Check out these delicious recipes shared on the Dr Oz Calorie Cutting Challenge episode.  Half the calories, all the taste!

7 Day Crash Diet Recipes, Chickpea Popcorn, Quinoa Cheesy Pasta – Dr Oz talks with women who have curbed their cravings while on the crash diet with their chickpea popcorn, quinoa cheesy pasta, and banana and bean brownie recipes.

Dr Oz Slim Down Recipes For The  Curvy Woman – Curvy girl recipes to target problem areas. Slim bottom dip, slimming salad, and cottage cheese and black bean recipe for women with big bottoms.

Sun Dried Tomato Mayo Recipe, Flavor Boosters – Dr Oz invited Sari Greaves on to the show to share flavor boosting recipes to help you save calories and lose weight. Sun Dried Tomato Mayo and Flax Seed Silver Almond Coating flavor boosters.

Carob Chips, Chocolate Alternative For Chocoholics – Do you simply have to have chocolate every day?  Check out this low calories and low fat alternative to chocolate and see why this is one of Dr Oz's favorite all time recipes.

Dr Oz Banana Parfait, Mile High Pizza – You can enjoy these two delicious dishes for under 200 calories.  Great for in between meal snacks of for dessert!

Skinny Jean Slider, Artichoke Pizza, Dip Dishes – These recipes were featured on the Dr Oz episode "Eat More, While Laying Less" episode. Lower calories and fat than their competitors.

Fish Taco and Potato Skin Recipes – Would you like to eat more while weighing less?  These fish taco and potato skin dishes have far fewer calories and fat without sacrificing taste.

Dr Oz Healthy Fried Chicken Recipe by Tim Wilbur – Find out how to make delicious fried chicken with less calories and fat.  Easy directions and recipe.

Broccoli Rabe, Sausage, and Pasta Recipe – Charasmatic celebrity chef Anne Burrell shares her healthy and hearty creation with Dr. Oz today on his show.  Lower calories and fat than comparable broccoli rabe, sausage, and pasta dishes.

Snack Attack Hour – The entire hour long show talked about delicious snack recipes to enjoy that will boost your metabolism and help you lose weight. Some surprisingly recipes include the Chewy Chocolate Truffle, Peanut Butter and Banana Quesadilla, and Pita Pizza Pocket, Skinny Dip and Chips.

Dr. Weil's Pasta Puttanesca With Tuna – Andrew Weil shares his anti-cancer Pasta Puttanesca with Tuna recipe with Dr. Oz.  Contains ingredients that have anti-cancer properties.

Ming Tsai Soup To Raise your Immunity – Ming Tsai hasn't been sick in years and he credits much of this to his immune system boosting soup.  This soup has ingredients that fights germs that cause illness during the cold and flu season.

99 Calories Margaritas and Sangria Recipes – Dr. Oz says that you can diet while still enjoying a cocktail.  Find out how to make a Margarita for only 99 calories and a Sangria for 160 calories.

Stress Reducing Kefir Mashed Potatoes – Kefir is a probiotic that contains tryptophan which reduces stress and anxiety.  Iron Chef Mark Fargione used Kefir in this mashed potatoe recipe that will melt your stress away.

Big Daddy's Chicken Stir Fry Recipe – Big Daddy shares his heart healthy Chicken Stir Fry recipe featuring several ingredients Dr. Oz recommended during his 28 day heart disease prevention segment.

Rocco's Fatigue Fighting Cheesy Turkey Recipe

Rocco Dispirito shares his favorite fatigue fighting recipe that is packed with protein.

Rocco's Cheesy Turkey Enchilada Recipe

Vegetable Pad Gluten Free Thai Recipe

Elizabeth Hasslebeck talks to Dr. Oz about her life with Celiacs disease and describes her gluten free lifestyle.  She shares her Vegetable Pad Gluten Free Thai Recipe, which is one of her favorites.

Rocco's Cholesterol Lowering Lasagna Recipe

Learn how to make healthy cholesterol lowering lasagna!  There's no need to feel any guilt while enjoying this pasta dish.  Rocco's Cholesterol Lowering Lasagna Recipe.

Dr. Oz, How To Make Healthy Pizza

Big Daddy from the Food Network shared his delicious way to make a healthy pizza with the audience and viewers at home.  Any way to make a healthy pizza sounds good to me! Healthy Pizza Recipe

Dr. Oz 100 Calorie Brownies Recipe

How would you like to eat a brownie for less than 100 calories? No guilt, and need to run three miles after you eat the brownie! Check out the ingredients for this delicious 100 Calorie Brownies Recipe.

Dr. Oz Fat Burner Noodle Pudding

Dr. Oz said that to help you get rid of your belly fat you should eat most of your daily carbohydrates in the morning and less in the evening.  This is the Fat Burner Noodle Pudding Recipe he shared to help you conquer your belly fat!

Veggie Pizza, Tilapia Tacos, and Barbecue Sauce Recipes

Dr. Oz shares healthy alternative options for some of America's favorite foods. Learn how you can eat healthy without sacrificing taste. Veggie Pizza, Tilapia Tacos, and Barbecue Sauce Recipes.

Booty Blasting Burger Recipe

Dr. Oz's daughter Daphne makes an appearance on the show and she went through a woman's cupboards to make a recipe made out of whatever ingredients she could find. She came up with the Booty Blasting Burger Recipe.

Dr. Oz' 48 Hour Weekend Cleanse

Dr. Oz shares his personal 48 hour weekend detox recipe to help you get rid of toxins, rejuvenate your body, and feel great.  Rejuvenate your main three detoxifying organs.  48 Hour Weekend Cleanse

Diced Pear Parfait 5 Minute Dessert Recipe

Duff Goldman shares his Diced Pear Parfeit recipe with Dr. Oz. The dessert only takes 5 minutes to make and has healthy ingredients such as cinnamon, greek yogurt, and pears!  Diced Pear Parfait 5 Minute Dessert Recipe.

Rachael Ray's Christmas Holiday Recipes

Rachael Ray teaches the audience how to save overcooked potato latkes, roasts, and vegetables with her Holiday Disaster Quick Fixes.  She also shares her favorite Christmas recipe Cider Beef Stew Recipe.

Dr. Oz's Oat Meal Cookie Christmas Recipe

You don't have to deprive yourself at Christmas time, and you don't have to pack on the pounds when you indulge in delicious treats during the Holidays.  Check Out the Oat Meal Christmas Healthy Cookie Recipe.

Alton Brown's, Chocolate Pie Recipe, Only 230 Calories!

Alton Brown, from Iron Chef America shares his chocolate pie recipe with Dr. Oz.  Each serving is only 230 calories.  A serving of store bought Chocolate Pie has approximately 410 calories per serving!  230 Calorie Chocolate Pie Recipe

Healthy, Half Calorie Pancakes Recipe

Sam Talbot, a type 1 diabetic shares his half calorie, delicious way to enjoy healthy pancakes without the guilt.  Healthy Hotcakes Recipe.

Healthy Big Mac Burger

Todd Wilbur share's his method of making a Big Mac without lower fat and calories than McDonald's version.  Healthy Big Mac Recipe

Jennifer Hudson Diet Plan

Jennifer Hudson Weight Watcher recipes helped to transform the pop diva's body and has been an inspiration to millions of people struggling to lose weight.

Vitamin B12 Boosting Recipes

Dr. Oz shared some Vitamin B12 Boosting Recipes that will boost your Vitamin B12 levels.  Bison Sliders, Clam Pasta, and a Yogurt Parfait to give yourself a boost of B12!

Anaheim Spaghetti Squash

Ahaheim Spaghetti Shrimp Scampi – Dr. Oz invited on a guest family who lost over 500 pounds between them!  All they did was replace heavy carb foods with alternative.  They eat this Spaghetti Shrimp recipe once a week as a healthy way to replace pasta in their diet.

Lidia's Pesto Sauce Pasta

Pesto Sauce Pasta Trapanese Recipe – Lidia Bastianich appeared on the Dr. Oz show to share her pasta recipe that is combined with Mediterranean Diet ideology.  Lower calories and fats than a regular pasta dish.

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