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Dr Oz 2016, 2017 Episodes

Did you miss today's Dr. Oz Show?  Here are the archived episode segments for each Dr Oz show this year!

Body Hacks – Cold Showers Boost Metabolism – Dr. Oz talks with Scott Carney about how you can hack your body into losing weight and boosting your immunity.

Hairmax Cool Laser for Thinning Hair – FDA approaved at home laser treatment that will regrow your hair.  Featured on Dr. Oz.

Hair Toppik Fibers for Thinning Hair – Do you have thinning hair and want a remedy that works instantly?  Check out the Hair Toppik Fiber remedy that was featured on today's Dr. Oz show.

Vegan guide for Beginners – Dr Oz busts myths about eating Vegan and shares how you can enjoy cupcakes, pancakes, mac and cheese and more while eating Vegan.  Incorporates Dr. Oz 21 Day Breakthrough Diet guidelines.

Fatty Liver Disease Reboot Plan – Learn how to reverse fatty liver through healthy diet.  Dr. Oz's easy to follow reboot plan to turn your "fatty" liver into a skinny one.

Day Off Diet Printable Download, Instructions, Recipes – Print off the full Day Off Diet instructions, and shopping list that you will need.

Water Pills Are Dangerous – Millions of people take water pills for weight loss.  Dr. Oz talks about the hidden dangers of water pills and why you shouldn't be taking them for weight loss.

Diet Soda Causes Belly Fat – Did you know that the "Zero Calorie" diet soda drinks causes you to gain almost triple the amount of belly fat for those who consume the beverages regularly, as opposed to those that don't?

Digital Detox – Could you be addicted to the internet?  Learn how to "Disconnect to Reconnect" and regain your focus.  Could the internet be shrinking your brain?  Research has some shocking revelations about this topic.

Best Day Off Diet Soup Recipes – Today, Dr Oz shares the best Day Off Diet soup recipes for weight loss.

Day Off Diet Guidelines – Find out how you can lose weight while still enjoying all of your favorite foods.

Charcoal Detox For Belly Bloat – Dr. Oz weekly show topics.. Includes topics like how to defy your age without surgery, look 10 years younger, Total 10 Weight Loss Smoothies and if charcoal detox can help you to reduce belly bloat.

Blast Fat, Shaun T Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookies – Shaun T appeared on the Dr. Oz March 3rd episode to share his 5 minunte fat blasting workout as well as a Quinoa Chocolate Cookies recipe.

Dr Oz 2012 Show Archives

Dr Oz 2012 Show Archives

Dr Oz 5 Diet Myths – Dr. Oz talks with Science Bob about diet myths. Does eating fat make you fat? Does skipping breakfast cause you to eat more calories? Water help you lose weight?

Dr. Oz Shameless Overshare Episode – Too much information!!  Viewers tell their stories and submit the most embarrassing questions of all time!  The craziest and most over the top show to date.

#1 Reason Why Your Exhausted, Magnesium Deficiency – Dr. Oz talks about how a magnesium deficiency can lead to exhaustion, fatigue, and overall lack of energy.  Also fast food intervention on a youtube star who weighs over 400 pounds.

Binge Eating Risks – Dr. Oz talks about the risks involved with binge eating.  Geneen Roth comes on to the show to talk about binge eating and the steps you should take to overcome this disorder.

Dr. Oz 4 Types of Metabolism Show – Dr. Oz talks with Dr. Joel Fuhrman about different metabolism types. Take the quiz and find out which metabolism type that you are and start getting healthier and lose weight today!

Dr Oz Vaniqa Hair Removal – On today's Dr Oz August 16 show they featured a segment on removing unwanted facial hair growth on women.  Find out about Vaniqa. Cost and reviews.

Dr Oz Diabetes and Cholesterol Disease Prevention –  August 8,  show talks about disease prevention for diabetes and cholesterol. Also spaghetti squash recipe. Peels that heal, and a segment on menopause relief remedies.

Dr Oz Faturday Diet Plan Show – How would you like to eat chips, cookies, and ice cream and still lose weight? Find out how on the Dr Oz Faturday Diet Plan episode. Also skinny cocktail recipes and how to look a size smaller in your jeans.

Miracle Berry Sweet Tooth Tablets – Dr Oz talks about an amazing Miracle Berry tablet that you can take that will satisfy all your sweet tooth cravings.

Energy Boosting Drink Recipes – Yerba Mate, Sweet Spritzer, Glutamine recipes and more.

Dr Oz Show, 7 Day Metabolism Boosting Plan – Dr Oz talks about how to boost your metabolism to help you lose weight. 7 day plan to raise your metabolic rate.

Y Facelift Dr. Oz talks about the Y Facelift procedure to look years younger. pizza booster recipe. 28 days to curb your cravings diet plan.

Calorie Cutting Recipes – Calorie Cutting Challenge features recipes with half the calories. Enjoy your favorite meals without the guilt.  Also kitchen gadgets, and weight loss tips.

7 Day Crash Diet Show – Find out how you can lose 10 lbs in 7 days!  Also segments talking about crash diet recipes, and natural remedies for common ailments like dandruff, brittle nails, and calluses.

Celebrity Confessions, Jennifer Hudson, Montel – Dr Oz recaps 2014 with shocking celebrity confessions, health tips, and weight loss secrets of Jennifer Hudson, Montel Williams, Tyra Banks, Real Housewives of Orange County, and Paula Deen.

Dr Oz 6 Step Alzheimers Prevention Plan – Try these easy to do steps to help ward off Alzheimer's disease and improve your memory.

May 30 2014 Gentlemax Laser, Sheex Cooling Sheets – Dr Oz talks about how to safely and easily remove hair permanently with the Gentlemax Pro Laser. Also fall asleep naturally with Sheex temperature controlled cooling bed sheets.

May 28 2014Curvy Women Guide Show – Dr Oz talks about recipes for curvy women.  Also a segment on how to lose 5 pounds in 5 days eating frozen dinners.  Also features a celebrity stylist showing curvy women how to find the perfect pair of jeans for those with big bottoms, bellies, and thighs.

May 25 2014Top Supplements Show – Dr Oz talks about his favorite supplements for healthy hair, skin, and nails.  Also supplements for belly fat and metabolism to help you lose weight.


May 24 2014 Paula Abdul Episode Paula Abdul appears on Dr Oz for an interview about he struggles with chronic pain.  Paula Abdul also talks about her beauty secrets and vitamins that she takes to keep her youthful glow.

May 21 2014 Medium, Theresa Caputo Spirits Show – Dr Oz invited the "spirited" Theresa Caputo on to the show to talk about her gift of communicating with the dead of passed loved ones.  She demonstrates her gift with audience members live on today's show.

May 18 2014 Meal Ambush Episode – Dr Oz Meal Ambush episode is about enjoying your favorite foods but made with healthy low calorie ingredients.  Also  anti-aging beauty products, and fat burners ECGC supplements and the Gruve activity monitor.

May 17 2014 Dr Oz Weird Questions Answered Episode – No question is too "weird on the May 17 show.  Find out what weird ailments are conditions you should be concerned about.

May 16 2014 Ultimate Girls Guide Episode – Dr Oz talks about issues concerning women.  Beauty products, weight loss tips, and ways to burn fat and fight fatigue.

May 15 2014 Fountain of Youth Episode – Cutting edge anti-aging treatments for wrinkles and crows feet.  Ultimate 10 day diet recipes to implement into your diet to lose weight fast.

May 14 2014 Dr Oz Swimsuit Slimdown Episode – Dr Oz talks about weight loss tips to help you lose weight just in time for swimsuit season.  Ocean floor diet secrets, fat burners, and more.

May 8 2014 Dr Oz, Diet and Health Myths – Dr. Oz exposes diet and health myths.  Embarrassing health confessions and remedies to health ailments.  Also a segment featuring carob chips as a great alternative to chocolate.

May 7 2014 Dr Oz Show – Today's show was all about hunger control, and appetite suppressants.  Learn how to curb those cravings and to eat healthy snacks in between meals.  Delicious banana parfait and mile high pizza recipes for under 200 calories.  Also the finalists were announce for the Transformation Nation million dollar contest.  Cast your votes for the ten finalists.

May 2 2014 Dr Oz Show – Do you know what body type you are?  Find out what foods that you should be eating according to your body type.  Also a segment on bowel movements, and annoying men habits along with some solutions.

May 1 2014 Dr Oz Show – Today’s show was called the All Time Greatest Remedies hour. He talks about remedies for sleep, energy, aging, and stress.  Find out what tips he gave in this fast moving non stop episode.

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