Down Syndrome

Dr. Oz Down Syndrome Fertility Risks, Pregnant Women After 40

January 27, 2012

Down Syndrome – Fertility Treatment Risks For Pregnant Women After 40

Dr. Oz fertility risks, down syndrome

Dr. Oz Fertility Risks and Down Syndrome

Today’s entire show was all about women getting pregnant after 40, fertility treatments, and the health risks that they should be taking into consideration.  Dr. Oz had on OB/GYN Dr. Evelyn Minaya to talk about some of the major risks (Down Syndrome) that all families should be aware of. Dr. Minaya said that older women have more premature babies and greatly increase the risk of their babies being born with Downs Syndrome.

Risks Of Down’s Syndrome For Pregnant Women

  • 1 in 1400 if you conceive your child while your in your 20’s
  • 1 in 30 pregnancies will have a baby born with Down Syndrome at the age of 40
  • 1 in 5 will be born with Down Syndrome at age 45 and up

Egg Donation

Egg donation comes from sperm donors who volunteer (and get paid) for their services.  Dr. Minaya said that she won’t tell one of her patients that she can’t have a baby, but as a professional she must make them aware of the increased risks involved if they are older and want to bear a child.

IVF Fertility Treatment and Miscarriage Risk

A member from the audience (named Sharon) said that she used IVF treatments to become pregnant.  She conceived twins but when she was 19 weeks into her pregnancy she had a miscarriage and lost both babies.  She then tried IVF several more times but the pregnancies were unsuccessful.  She finally decided to adopt an international baby. 3 months later she became the proud mother of two babies and she said that she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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