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Dr Oz, Jenna Wolfe Review Isagenix Diet, Do Social Media Diets Work?

February 15, 2017

Are the latest, greatest, and trending social media diets filling your Facebook and other social media feeds with promises of easy and long term weight loss?  Is your feed full of before and after photos that look too good to be true?  Today, Dr. Oz spoke with Jenna Wolfe (fitness guru and Core expert) about the which social media diets works, which don't and which you should absolutely steer away from.  Dr. Oz mentioned that when one of these social media trending diets come from your own friends it's even more enticing to try.

Core Team Expert, Jenna Wolfe Investigates Social Media Diets (Isagenix, 21 Day Fix, IT Works Body Wraps)

Jenna said that we used to only have to worry about diets being sold in infomercials and magazines but today, it's a whole different story with social media playing such a large role in so many people's lives.  Today we aren't just being overloaded with sales pitches on diets from large companies but now pressure is even coming from your own friends. Jenna said that these diet companies are making billions with a capital "B"…  So, Jenna went out to investigate all of these social media diets to find out which ones hold promise and which ones hold nothing but water (and possibly your money)..

Jenna Wolfe researched all of the latest diets circulating Facebook to find the 3 that are the most popular.  Jenna searched for diets that have formed the most groups online.  She said that she found many and within each one she found an endless supply of recipes, quotes, before and after pictures, etc… etc… She said the before and after pictures were incredible but she had a hard time finding actual details about what made the diets work (or not work in many cases)…  Most of the diets that she discovered claimed how easy the diets were to lose weight.  However, but she could never find how any of these diets actually worked.  She saw shakes, workouts, body cleanses, snack recipes and more..  The one thing that she had a hard time locating was the price of all of these diets.  

  • Isagenix Diet (I had it misspelled as Isogenics)
  • 21 Day Fix System –
  • IT System Works (Belly Wraps) – This is the one that I have seen the most of, even from a few life long friends that decided to become distributors to try and make money from them..

Jenna ordered each one of these diets and she found out that they were much more expensive than she had imagined.  Every time she tried to check out her order she was prompted to upgrade to another package that promised better results.

Dr. Oz and Jenna sat down to talk about social media diets and how things have changed over time.  Dr. Oz mentioned that when he was young you would have to take the initiative to seek out most of the diets that are out there.  Now, with social media they target you..  Jenna said that if you look at an ad, you will see more similar ads because they know exactly what you are looking at.  

Isagenix Diet

-Dr. Oz spoke with two women who have both tried the Isagenix Diet with mixed results.  The first woman had wonderful results.  She said that she was at a point in her life where she really didn't have nothing to lose and she wanted to lose weight and gain her health back.  Well, for her she most certainly did lose weight.  In 4 months she had lost 55 pounds.  She went from a size 18 to a size 6.  

The second womand that Dr. Oz interviewed about Isagenix was a different experience (healthwise). Her review of Isagenix started out very good.  She said that she lost 89 pounds while on Isagenix, although she did spend nearly $2000.  She said that she woke up one morning and broke out in hives because the pills have Niacin in it.  She went to the doctor to find out that she had a thyroid problem.  She feels that because of the niacin she developed a thyroid condition that caused her to gain all the weight back and she says that she is now gaining 5 pounds a month.  So for her Isagenix was not a long term answer for her.  Dr. Oz did some research and said that he only found 1 scientific paper published about the relationship about thyroid conditions and niacin so there wasn't that strong of link but he understood about her concerns linking the two.

Dr. Oz said that we are all created different.  He asked the woman who developed a thyroid condition what she would like to say to others thinking about trying the Isagenix or other diets that are on Facebook and social media.  She said that Isagenix Diet is great is your on it for the rest of your life.  If you can't be on one of these diets for the rest of your life you will probably end up gaining all the weight back.  She said that you will have to change your lifestyle…

Isagenix Diet Nutritional Breakdown – Dr. Oz asked the help of Maya Feller (registered dietician and nutritionist)..  She said that the Isagenix Diet is very low calorie so she would expect people to lose weight.  She said that there is very little food that is consumed on the Isagenix diet (a lot of shakes, nutritional supplements, etc..)..

21 Day Fix Guide – What Is It? Does It Work?

The 21 Day Fix is is more of an extreme workout program.. So, if you stick to the 30 minute session workouts then you will likely receive a benefit of both weight loss and cardiovascular health boost.  However, how many of us can stick to an extreme workout program for 3 weeks?  I think my body would be so sore after one extreme workout that I would need 4 days off for my body's muscles to recuperate!

21 day fix, 21 day fix review on dr. oz

Will an exercise program like this work for you? If you thinking on the side of "NO", I would suggest checking out Dr. Oz's 21 Day Diet , and Dr Oz 21 Day Diet recipes that are more based on nutrition and eating plant based proteins. Read about all the foods that are allowed as well as a guide on how you should go about it.

Description of the workouts:

  1. Total Body Cardio Fix: Boost your heart rate and metabolism and will likely help with weight loss.
  2. Upper Fix: Targets all of the upper body muscles like your back, chest, shoulders, abs, and arms, for a sculpted upper body.
  3. Lower Fix: Targets your lower half.. Think thighs, butt, and calves.
  4. Pilates Fix: Sculpts your torso and tones your butt, hips, and thighs, through core strength exercises.
  5. Cardio Fix: Heightens your cardio health and tones.

IT Works Body Wrap System 

Ok, this one I have seen one on Facebook to the point of feeling ill.  I have went as far as trying it.  For me it didn't work, and if it did it was only a temporary water weight loss.  Dr. Oz didn't go into any detail about it, but it seemed to fall into the "too good to be true" category.  I think that most of the hype of the IT Body Works Wrap and Reboot system is that you can work for them and become a distributor.  However, most people have seen these ads a countless number of times and this is no longer a novel approach… Now, people are likely to keep on scrolling and maybe unfriend you.. lol.. <<< I did "unfollow" a friend because they wouldn't stop filling my feed with the same sales pitches every single day… Multiple times a day!

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