Dr Oz, BEC 5 Cream, Joe Mercola Cure Non Melanoma Cancer

February 21, 2012

Joe Mercola On How To Cure Non Melanoma Cancer With BEC 5 Curaderm Cream

Joe Mercola runs the largest internet alternative medicine website on the planet.  Today he joined Dr. Oz to talk about his “miracle” cure for Non Melanoma Cancer.  Joe Mercola is well known for his controversial treatment.  Many doctors aren’t on his wagon since many of his procedures aren’t FDA approved.  Some physicians go as far to say that his practice is irresponsible to his patients.  However, many patients that he has helped swear by his alternative cures.  During this episode Joe Mercola talks about how BEC 5 Curaderm Cream can help to cure Non-Melanoma Cancer.

BEC Curaderm Cream

Dr. Oz, Joe Mercola, Bec 5 Cream, skin cancer

Bec 5 Cream For Skin Cancer

According to Dr. Joe Mercola, eggplant is highly effective in curing Non Melanoma cancer.  No, you can’t just go out and eat some eggplant to cure the cancer.  There is a topical cream called BEC 5 cream (Or Curaderm) that can be purchased on the internet.

To demonstrate how effective BEC 5 is in treating non-melanoma skin cancer, Dr. Oz displayed images of a person who had this form of skin cancer.   After 90 days of using the cream Dr. Oz showed the “after” image.  From just a visual perspective it looked like the cancer had vanished.

Why Don’t Dr.’s Use BEC 5 Cream?

So why isn’t this treatment a standard practice in the United States?  According to Dr. Mercola that going through all the trials needed to get FDA approval is very expensive.

Dr. Oz asked several dermatologists why didn’t use BEC 5 (Eggplant) cream on their patients.  None of them were even aware of eggplant cream.

So should you used this cream for this form of non-melanoma skin cancer?  Dr Oz suggested seeing a doctor before using BEC 5 cream. Skin cancer can spread so be sure that your physician is on board using this form of treatment!

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