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Dr. Oz Coupon For Omron Blood Pressure Monitor

January 26, 2012

Dr. Oz Blood Pressure Guide and 10$ Coupon For Omron Blood Pressure Monitor

Today’s (January 26, 2012) last segment was about the silent killer

Dr. Oz Omron Blood Pressure Monitor, $10 Coupon

Dr. Oz Omron Blood Pressure Monitor

that can often go unnoticed until it is too late! During this portion of the show Dr. Oz was giving away a $10 coupon for Omron Blood Pressure Monitors! A member from the audience named Suzette told Dr. Oz that she was concerned about her borderline high blood pressure (hers was 137/91) because it ran in her family.

Dr. Oz performed one of his on stage demonstrations to explain how blood pressure affects your blood vessels. Over time plaque in your blood vessels gets larger and larger until it can no longer passes through.

Dr. Oz said that the organ that takes a lot of punishment when you have blood pressure is your kidneys.  Normally your kidney should be approximately the size of your fist. Dr. Oz showed Suzette a healthy kidney (well it was a healthy kidney) and two kidneys severely affected by high blood pressure.  The damaged kidneys were wilted and all shriveled up.

High Blood Pressure Prevention Guide

  • Maintain a healthy weight through diet and exercise
  • Monitor your blood pressure at home – Dr. Oz said that it can even better to monitor your blood pressure at home because you can check it at various times.

$10 Omron Blood Pressure Coupon

Dr. Oz tested the Omron Blood Pressure Machine on Suzette and it was 177/108!!  This is very high and could be dangerous.  Dr. Oz told her to check it again and if the numbers match up she should go see a doctor.

Dr. Oz gave away an Omron Blood Pressure device to everyone in the audience and a $10 coupon if you visited his official site after the show.

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