Dr. Oz, January 24, 2012 Episode. Biggest Anti-Aging Hour

January 24, 2012

Dr. Oz Biggest Anti-Aging Hour Ever!

On the January 24, 2012 Show, Dr. Oz talks about the best and latest anti-aging products on the market to help you look and feel younger.  Here are recaps of today’s episode.

Real Age Skin Test

How old is your skin?  Before the show Dr. Oz asked all of the members from his audience to remove their makeup! Take the Real Age Skin Test to see how fast your skin is aging. January 24, 2012 skin quiz to find out if you are aging prematurely.

Dr. Oz Real Age Skin Test – Drooping Eyelids, Jowls, Smile Lines

Vampire Face Lift, Retinol Cream, Miracle Worker, and Laser Treatment

Dr. Oz talks about cutting edge ways to take years off of your appearance.  Boost your confidence while looking (and feeling) years younger!  This segment features the Vampire Face Lift, Skin Ceutical Retinol Cream, Miracle Worker Dark Age Spot Corrector, and Clear + Brilliant Laser Age Spot Reducer.

Dr. Oz Vampire Face Lift, Skin Ceuticals Retinol Cream, Miracle Worker, Laser Treatment

Fall Asleep Faster Products

Dr. Oz talks about products to fall asleep faster.  He features cooling pillow inserts, bedphones, and a wake light that slowly brightens the room before your alarm clock goes off.

Fall Asleep Faster Products

Lingonberry Smoothie Recipe

Dr. Oz January 24 2012 Episode

Dr. Oz January 24 2012 Episode

Lingonberries are one of Dr. Oz’s favorite new super berries!  Lingonberries can help protect you against cancer, lower bad cholesterol, and have antibiotic properties.  Enjoy a delicious smoothie while infusing your body with healthy nutrition at the same time.

Lingonberry Smoothie Recipe – Antioxidant Super Berry

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