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Dr Oz Cold Showers Boost Metabolism, Weight Loss Body Hacks

March 7, 2017

Dr. Oz Shares Tips On How To Hack Your Body to Lose Weight, Ease Anxiety

Today Dr. Oz invited Scott Carney (author of "What Doesn't Kill Us") on to the show to talk about body hacks to lose weight, ease anxiety and boost your immune system.  Dr. Oz talks with Scott about how "hacking" your body can stimulate your body into achieving optimal health and even reverse disease. 

Scott Carney explained to Dr. Oz and the audience that humans have a miraculous ability to adapt to extreme conditions.  However, now most of us live in a constant "72 degrees" comfort zone.  He feels that since our bodies don't often have to adapt to extreme conditions we aren't stimulating our biology.

Temperature Changes Boost Metabolism and Can Help You Lose Weight

Dr. Oz performed a demonstration on stage to explain how our bodies are built to work for the food that we eat.  When our bodies endure temperature changes our metabolism increases and you burn more calories.  Dr. Oz spoke with two women who implemented one of Scott's techniques off taking cold showers.  They both said that they had a noticeable boost in energy.

Cold Showers Help You Lose Weight

Not only will cold showers boost your energy, but they can also help to boost you metabolism.  Scott has did some extreme "body hacks" to stimulate his metabolism and boost his immunity.  He has climed Mt. Kilimanjaro shirtless and ran grueling races in the cold wearing only a pair of shorts and shoes. He says that you can teach your body to suppress the fight or flight response and doing so will ease anxiety, tension and stress.  Suppressing your fight or flight response also boosts yourr metabolism and burn fat for energy.

Benefits of Freezing Cold Water

Exposing yourself to freezing cold water can activate your fight or flight response in your brain.  Your heart pumps blood faster to your key organs.  In time, your imune system adapts to these changes and becomes used to these conditions.  The result is a boosted immunity that can help ward off illness.

Today's Dr. Oz Show was originally aired on March 7, 2017

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