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Dr Oz, 3 Day Soup Cleanse, Type Test, Feb 27-March 3 Episodes

February 27, 2017

This week on Dr. Oz there will be many interesting health related topics that you will want to be informed about.  Kicking off the week on Monday, February 27th Dr. Oz talks about scams and con artists that are out to rip you off an even put your families health in jeopardy.  

2-27-2017 – Home Scams – Mold Removal, Hidden Toxins and What You Should Know About Water Filters

February 27 – Dr. Oz invited Lisa Lee Freeman (Consumer investigative reporter) on to the show to investigate the biggest scams and cons that are out there.  Not only are they preying on your health but they are also draining your wallet in the process.  Dr. Oz talks about dangerous molds, hidden toxins, and bugs that may by hiding in your home.  Also is your water filter helping your family to be healthier or could they actually doing more harm than good and making you sick?

Healthy Home Investigation – Leading home health investigators joined forces on Dr. Oz to talk about the biggest scams that we all face.  

Dangerous mold scams – Black mold (as well as other molds) can be very dangerous for your family.  But what about contractors tell you that you have a mold problem when in all actuality you don't?  Dr. Oz installed hidden home cameras to investigate this scam that is more prominent than most people think. 

Lisa Lea (invetigator) posed as a woman who called out a contractor to see if her staged home had any mold hazards (it didn't).  Dr. Oz had his team set up hidden cams to capture it all.  Before the inspectors came Dr. Oz had his own team of investigators declare the house as mold free.  They then rubbed eye shadow in a few corners to make it look like there could "possibly" be a mold problem.  Dr. Oz's team then called multiple mold inspectors out to the home. The very first inspector immediately said that the "eye shadow" was mold even before running any tests.

Red Flag #1 – No Testing Equipment

Dr. Oz said that none of the mold inspectors that they called even had any mold testing equipment with them.

Red Flag #2 – No certification

Dr. Oz said that none of the inspectors that came to the house were even licensed for mold removal.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 – Celebrity Endorsement Scams

Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran appears on Dr. Oz to talk about "celebrity endorsement scams" that are taking over the internet.  Barbara Corcoran fights back against beauty creams saying that they were endorsed by Barbara, when in fact they never were.  Find out how to separate genuine endorsements from scams that you should steer clear from.

Also featured on the 2-28, 2017 episode is "Women Who Fall In Love With Serial Killers"..  Could you imagine yourself falling in love with a serial killer?  Dr. Oz talks with women about why they fall for these men.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017 – 3 Day Soup Cleanse and Type Test – Which Type Are You?

Take the Cleanse Type test to find out which cleanse is right for you.  Dr. Oz unveils his easiest cleanse to date.  Souping!  Take the 3 day cleanse that will help to improve your digestion and give your body a reboost.  Dr. Oz's mother in-law inviels a soup recipe that she swears by.

Other topics on the show – 4 bathroom cleaning hacks, and a natural way to unclog a drain.

Appearing on the show are : GUESTS: Haylie Pomroy , Veronica "Pooh" Nash-Poleate , Dr. Rocio Rivera , Chef Ada Udama

Dr Oz, Thursday, March 2, 2017 – What Your Dreams Can Say About Your Health

Decode your dreams and find out what your dreams may have to say about your health.  The followup segment on the episode features a sleep study that will change the way you sleep forever.  Katie Couric also makes an appearance on the show to talk about her health crisis.

Special guests : Katie Couric, Dr. Michael Breus, Dr. Jennifer Hartstein

Dr Oz Friday, March 3, 2017 – The Healthy Burger That Your Not Eating

The burger that first comes to your mind would be wrong.. It's not turkey, beef or even veggie burgers that Dr. Oz will be talking about.  It's a guilt free meat that you can enjoy without the guilt.  Also, featured on the show is an ADHD test that you can take at home.

Guests on the show : Larry Olmsted, Conor Geary, Nick Solares, Carolina Santos-Neves, Dr. Sue VArma, Dr. Harold Lancer, Jean Chatzky, Dr. Michael Roize.

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